Monday, July 23, 2007

Natural Balance Dog Food Recall

This has nothing to do with pet strollers, but we thought you might want to know about a new dog food recall. This one affects Natural Balance canned dog food. Here is the latest info off of Castleberry's web site:

Brand Product Can Size UPC Barcode
Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Irish Stew With Beef,
Potatoes & Carrots
15oz 23633 59860
Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Chinese Take Out With
Sauce With Vegetables and Chicken
15oz 23633 59861
Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs HOBO Chili with
Chicken & Pasta
15oz 23633 59863
Natural Balance Eatables for Dogs Southern Style Dumplings
With Chicken & Vegetables
15oz 23634 59862

You may want to check this URL for updates:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Pet Stroller in Claire Cook's Life's a Beach

Pet strollers are getting more common and mainstream. The main character of Claire Cook's new novel, Life's a Beach, uses one!

You probably already know Claire Cook from her previous novel, Must Love Dogs. If so, then you'll be happy to know she is bringing another new character to life, Ginger Walsh. Ginger has love issues (naturally, for a Claire Cook character), lives with a cat named Boyfriend, and faces humorous challenges with family and men (also naturally for a Claire Cook character).

According to the review in the Columbus Dispatch, Ginger walks her cat in a pet stroller! Click here to read more.