Monday, September 15, 2008

Compliments from an Expedition Pet Stroller customer

We love to get feedback from our customers. Here is an email we just got from Sue in Arizona:

The Expedition Pet Stroller I ordered from arrived today. I chose the color Burgundy and I love it.

The only parts that I had to put together were the wheel mechanisms and handle. They went together easily. The only slip-up was that I forget the width of the stroller and put it together in a small bedroom. I had to take it partly apart to get it through the bedroom door, but that wasn't much of a problem.

Once I had the stroller put back together in the living room, I put my medium size dachshunds (3 of them) into the stroller and pushed them out the front door. The large wheel sizes on front and back makes for an easy ride.

My dogs are used to being pushed distances in pet strollers, so they took to this new stroller right away. We had a great time walking considerably farther than these small dogs can walk on their own. Of course, I still walk my dogs, but to get exercise for myself and a fun experience for my dogs, we take the pet stroller. The stroller is made well and should last a long time with care. I highly recommend the stroller to anyone who enjoys the outdoors with their animals.
Thanks for the comments Sue! We're glad you and your pooches are enjoying the pet stroller!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Neptune loves her pet stroller

Jessica (a.k.a. jesshibb) snapped some great shots of her kitty, Neptune, who loves to take a walk through the park in her pet stroller. One of her shots is below, and you can view more in her Flickr gallery.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Pet Strollers for Men

Let's face it: when a man uses a pet stroller, he probably wants it to have a certain masculine look. Many pet strollers--with fabrics in pink, light blue, and sage--are designed to appeal to a woman's tastes and not a man's.

Since men with pets can have the same pet stroller needs as women (including older or injured pets), we wanted to suggest a couple pet strollers that men may find more appealing. Here is a list of cat strollers and dog strollers that males can roll down the sidewalk with pride:

Petzip First Class Jogging Pet Stroller in Camouflage has carried this stroller for some time and received excellent feedback from customers, but the Camouflage fabric is brand new, making this a great choice for the male pet owner. The stroller accommodates pets up to 40 pounds and has a safety belt that attaches to your pet's collar to keep them inside the pet stroller, even when used open. It is collapsible at the touch of a button, so it is easy to store or transport. The First Class pet stroller has a lot of storage, such as a removable parent tray with two cup holders and a large storage basket for carrying treats, water, and other items. The pet stroller is priced at $169.99.

Jeep Rubicon Pet Stroller

The Jeep Rubicon stroller for cats or dogs is made by Pet Gear, the largest producer of pet strollers in the U.S. They worked with Jeep to come up with two rugged pet strollers, and this is one of them. This pet stroller is specifically made for jogging with a front wheel that doesn't turn. (This makes it a little tough for tight maneuvers, requiring the user to push down on the handlebars and raise the front wheel in order to pivot on the back wheels.) For the guy who wants to take his pet out for a jog, this pet stroller is tough to beat. This red pet stroller is designed for pets up to 70 lbs. It contains features no other pet stroller offers, such as a rear shock absorbers and a 12” quick-release, air-filled tires for a smooth and easy ride, plus it comes with a compact, portable pump to keep the tires filled. It has two brakes--a hand brake for use while running and a parking brake to keep stroller steady while stopped. The ergonomic foam handle adds to the comfort while jogging with your dog. And, like the other pet strollers, it includes a large storage and a "parent tray." This roomy pet stroller is priced at $199.99.

Jeep Wrangler Pet Stroller

The other Jeep-branded pet stroller from Pet Gear is the Wrangler. They call the color Sandstone, but I would call it a browny beige. The stroller fabric is water-repellent 600 Denier nylon fabric and it has a steel frame that is tough and water resistant. This pet stroller folds and stores flat (15" high) with a one-hand quick-fold mechanism. It features both a parent tray and a large storage basket for toys, treats, water bottle, and more, plus a small side pocket perfect for cell phones or other small objects. Best of all (for men) is the masculine Jeep ® branding on wheels, handles, and side of pet stroller. This pet stroller is priced at $95.99.

We hope these pet strollers help narrow the field for men seeking the right stroller options for their dogs, cats, or other pets.