Saturday, October 24, 2009

Martha Stewart and Pet Strollers

The Examiner notes that Martha Stewart is launching a pet care line. (She is launching the line at a big box store, which is a bit disappointing considering Ms. Stewart's Do-It-Yourself approach--what about the many smaller, homey boutiques, Martha?)

Erin Cunningham of The Examiner had a suggestion for Martha's new product line--a pet stroller! Says Erin:
Not really a necessary product, but a fun one. While most dogs should be walking as opposed to riding in a stroller, pet strollers are a great, safe way to let your cat explore the outdoors. Although you may be skeptical of this idea for cats at first, some cats absolutely love riding in these strollers. Definitely a luxury for pet owners, maybe Martha will consider adding pet strollers to her line.

We agree with Erin, although I would point there are many reasonable purposes for dogs to use a pet stroller--older dogs and injured dog, for example. Also, people with smaller dogs who want to take longer walks and jogs can use a pet stroller--their dogs can walk for a while, and then stroller the rest of the way.

What would a Martha Stewart pet stroller look like? I'm thinking it would be made of branches from trees from the backyard, hand-made twine, and fabric rescued from old pillows! :)