Saturday, October 24, 2009

Martha Stewart and Pet Strollers

The Examiner notes that Martha Stewart is launching a pet care line. (She is launching the line at a big box store, which is a bit disappointing considering Ms. Stewart's Do-It-Yourself approach--what about the many smaller, homey boutiques, Martha?)

Erin Cunningham of The Examiner had a suggestion for Martha's new product line--a pet stroller! Says Erin:
Not really a necessary product, but a fun one. While most dogs should be walking as opposed to riding in a stroller, pet strollers are a great, safe way to let your cat explore the outdoors. Although you may be skeptical of this idea for cats at first, some cats absolutely love riding in these strollers. Definitely a luxury for pet owners, maybe Martha will consider adding pet strollers to her line.

We agree with Erin, although I would point there are many reasonable purposes for dogs to use a pet stroller--older dogs and injured dog, for example. Also, people with smaller dogs who want to take longer walks and jogs can use a pet stroller--their dogs can walk for a while, and then stroller the rest of the way.

What would a Martha Stewart pet stroller look like? I'm thinking it would be made of branches from trees from the backyard, hand-made twine, and fabric rescued from old pillows! :)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nice Consumer Compliment for a Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller

Nancy purchased a pink Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller from us and sent us this nice message:

I just had to write and tell you how much I love my new pet stroller. I ordered it one day and it arrived the very next day. So very easy to put it together. I told my son he would be proud of me. I took Jozie, my four pound Yorkie, for a ride around the inside of the house. We haven’t been outside yet. She seemed to really like it and I am sure she will like it even more when she tires on our walks. Like I have told people, it is nicer than my childrens’ strollers.

Thanks again for your wonderful stroller and speedy delivery.

Thanks Nancy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Great Pic of a Dog in a Pet Stroller

I found this over on Flickr and was given permission to share it by Madeline68. This is Nicky in a Happy Trails Pet Stroller. Madeline says, "This is actually a pet stroller that Nicky has and uses when we go on vacation so I could bring him in the stores etc. It is great and also comes in handy when we go on our long walks and he is just too tired to walk back. Otherwise I end up carrying him! Great especially in the summer ... very handy! Anyway, this is a picture from Virginia with him in it."

To see the shot and comments on Flicker, click here.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cats Getting Sun in a Pet Stroller

No sooner did I post about a Twitpic of a cat in a stroller than a customer and friend of ours posted her own photo to Twitpic. @fvrythingpr purchased her pet stroller so her cats can enjoy some fresh air and sun from the safety of the stroller. She posted her picture just today with the comment, "My cats enjoying the sun in a pet stroller from @metropawlis." (Metropawlis is the Milwaukee store associated with

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Pet strollers are a great way to keep your pets safe!

If you have any photos to share, please feel free to post a comment here or send a tweet to @petstroller on Twitter.

The pet stroller in this photo is the Original Kittywalk Pet Stroller.

A Lovely Twitter Picture of a Cat in a Pet Stroller

We ran across a very nice shot of a cat in a pet stroller posted on Twitter via TwitPic. The shot was posted by @MrBasilCat, who said, "First pet stroller outing of the year! I loves my stroller ^..^".

First pet stroller outing of the year! I loves my stroller ^..^ on Twitpic

MrBasilCat is a cat with his own Twitter account. He describes himself as a "Cool tuxedo tomcat, lover of tasty morsels, lovely ladies, and fuzzy blankets." The account is maintined by the cat's human companion, @Mermaidmoon.

Speaking of Twitter, has its own Twitter account where you will find some occasional pet tweets and special deals. You'll find our Twitter profile at @petstroller.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"Huge Thanks" for a Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller

We received a very nice email from a woman whose 13-year-old Chihuahua, Ren, was diagnosed with a rare blood disease that can prevent dogs from getting around. She ordered the Happy Trails PLUS Pink Pet Stroller and found it perfect for her and Ren's needs:
I went ahead and ordered that Happy Trails pink stroller. I was so impressed when it arrived. The quality was impeccable. I placed Ren in the stroller and she immediately laid down and found total comfort... Just because she is slightly immobile, she can still enjoy the getting outside and being with her owners. I am also thankful for the security that the stroller offers. When she is in the stroller and zipped up, I do not have to worry about other animals or insects getting to her.

I want to personally give you and your company a huge thanks!!!

Sue even made a few modifications to the pet stroller, such as "covers" that attach with Velcro for both the front and back mesh areas. This allows her to take Ren places where people might be disturbed seeing a pet in a pet stroller.

Sue ended her note, "God bless you and again thank you." Actually Sue, we want to send our blessings to Ren--we hope she continues to do well with her disorder and will enjoy the pet stroller for a long time to come!

Here's a photo of Sue, Ren, and their Happy Trails Plus Pink Pet Stroller.

Friday, May 29, 2009 on Catster's Cat's Meow Blog

The Cat's Meow Blog is wrapping up their pet stroller week. The blog included some information about and from that you may find of interest. For example:
I know several cats who’ve gotten their strollers through, and they have raved about the personalized customer service, low prices and fast delivery, so I’m happy to recommend them. If you have any questions at all while you’re shopping for a stroller, just shoot them an email, and they’ll reply pronto. They’ll match any low price (with a few restrictions) and shipping is free.
Karen Nichols also interviewed Augie from, and here's what she shared:

Karen: What’s your best-selling stroller, Augie?
Augie: Our best selling stroller of the past year is the one that several cats you interviewed own: the Pet Gear AT3 It’s roomy, rugged, and convenient. We’ve sold 50% more of them than our next most popular pet stroller. The ratings we get from customers are absolutely terrific.

Karen: What’s the best value stroller you have for under $100?
Augie: The one that probably suits all cats and many dogs and is also the best overall value is the Pet Gear Happy Trails. We have it at $84.99 including shipping to the continental US, and at that price it’s a very nice, reliable, sturdy, functional pet stroller. It has many of the features of more expensive pet strollers, such as a parent tray, a large basket for toys and water, and it folds for easy storage. The Happy Trails is priced just $5 more than the least expensive pet strollers we offer, and it is definitely a better, roomier stroller for the money.

Karen also shared this important tip for pet stroller buyers:

Augie Ray at has this recommendation: “People always make the mistake of paying attention to the weight limits for a pet stroller but not the dimensions. The weight limits set the upper limits for frame of the pet stroller, but the dimensions are actually much more important. We advise people to measure their pets before ordering. One tip is to use tape or newspaper to recreate on the floor the length and width of a pet stroller’s pet compartment, which can help to determine how a cat or dog will fit.”

The Cat's Meow did a GREAT job of sharing information about pet strollers and tapping the knowledge of pet stroller owners. Check out their series of blog posts about pet stroller here:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cinder the Sheltie loves her Special Edition Pet Stroller

A customer recently shared some praise for the pet stroller she purchased, along with some photos of her Sheltie, Cinder.

Here is what Ingrid had to say:

I had purchased a stroller in early March-- this is the first chance I have had to take pictures. Attached are pictures of my sheltie Cinder relaxing in the stroller. From the very beginning she LOVED it- she has arthritis really bad in one of her hind legs and it's been a couple of years since she's gone on a walk. Now we go on "walks" all the time and she's in her stroller, like a queen surveying her domain!! It's the best thing EVER!!

We're so glad Cinder loves her pet stroller! Here are the photos Ingrid shared of her dog in a Special Edition Pet Stroller.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Stroller Week at the Cat's Meow

Over on's blogs, the Cat's Meow blog is having Stroller Week, focusing on pet strollers! The first blog post is full of great information (and links to Just Pet Strollers)!

Karen Nichols writes:

I bought a pet stroller for Skeezix a couple of years ago, and am thrilled with the purchase. Skeezix LOVES strolling. He sits quietly and attentively, watching the neighborhood go by. Mao, my cranky Siamese, was not as thrilled with strollering at first, but once he got the hang of it, he really began to enjoy it. About half the time we take both cats out together. It’s funny to watch the two of them in the cabin — I swear, they jostle for control of the “front seat” just as young children would.
The blog includes photos of Skeezix and Mao in their Jeep Rubicon Pet Stroller from Pet Gear (although she notes that the Rubicon is a jogging stroller with a fixed front wheel, so if she were to do it again, she might consider a Pet Gear AT3 Pet Stroller with a rotating front wheel next time).

Watch The Cat's Meow for more pet stroller tips and info!

Crippled dog gets a pram

A heartbreaking but hopeful story comes from far away, out of Tasmania off of Australia. Cookie, a three-year-old shih tzu, was left without a single working leg after being rolled over by a car. He recently had one leg amputated and the remaining three are broken.

Luckily Cookie is on the mend, and his owner was happy to find a pet pram (or pet stroller) to help the dog get around. "When I went in (to buy the pram) I said 'I'm not trying to be Paris Hilton . . . I have a very injured little puppy'," Cookie's owner said.

We wish Cookie the best of luck in his recovery. To read more, check out The Mercury site. The article includes a photo of Cookie in his Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller!

Discounts on the New DoggyRide Pet Strollers, Pet Joggers, Pet Bike Trailers

We just added a brand new line of pet strollers to the Just Pet Strollers Web site, and to celebrate were offering a special discount. This exciting line of pet strollers is very high quality. The DoggyRide pet stroller line was designed in Europe and has been growing in Europe and the U.S. for five years.

These new pet strollers are notable for several reasons:
  • They accommodate larger and heavier animals. The small (mini) holds pets up to 50 pounds. The medium-sized pet stroller (Original) accommodates pets up to 90 pounds. And the large pet pram (Novel) holds pets up to 120 pounds. (It is very important to note that a common mistake pet stroller purchasers make is to focus on the weight limit of a particular model and not the dimensions; please be sure your pet fits into the pet stroller compartment!)

  • These pet strollers can be ordered in one of two ways: As a pet stroller or as a pet jogger. The pet stroller comes with a rotating front wheel, making it easy to maneuver around corners. The pet jogger comes with a larger, fixed, non-rotating wheel, so it is perfect for higher speeds. Pet joggers can be more difficult to turn, so it's important to pick the right one for your needs.

  • The DoggyRide Pet Strollers are also great for those of you who want to bike with your pet. With the optional add-on bike trailer kit, each of these trailers can be quickly converted into a bike trailer so you can bicycle safely with your pet in tow!

The three new pet strollers are:

Our special introductory offer is this: Order a DoggyRide now through June 30, 2009 and use the code "drblog" to save 10% off any DoggyRide Pet Stroller. As always, shipping is free in the continental United States!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Cat Enjoys Sun in Pet Stroller

One of the most common uses we hear for pet strollers is to permit cats to enjoy the out of doors safely. Instead of letting them roam free, which the Humane Society of the United States says is unsafe, people instead use pet strollers as a safe alternative to allow cats to enjoy sun, fresh air, and the outdoors.

Here is a photo shared by one of's customers, Gee Ekachai of Waukesha, WI. It is of her cat hanging out in his stroller on the patio.

Here is some additional information from the HSUS about the dangers of permitting cats to roam free outside:

Cats are America's most popular pets, but they are also the pets most likely to die prematurely from diseases, poisons, attacks by other animals, abuse by humans, or speeding vehicles. The reason is simple: Owners often don't realize that allowing their cat to roam outdoors can be a one-way ticket to trouble.

Millions of cats suffer and die because their owners give them free reign to roam the neighborhood. The vast majority of these owners aren't cruel or thoughtless; many love their animals as much as the rest of us. They just believe that cats are happiest outdoors.

Even cats in "safe" suburban neighborhoods can meet untimely fates and never return home. Fewer than 5% of "found" cats taken in by animal shelters are reunited with their families. That's why many shelters now require potential adopters to commit to keeping their cats safely confined and strongly recommend that cats wear collars and ID tags, and even be implanted with an identifying microchip.

To learn more, visit the HSUS's "Keep Your Cat Safe at Home" site.

Sunday, May 03, 2009 Wins "Best Pet Product of 2009" Honors for Expedition Pet Stroller

Fido Friendly magazine announced their Best Pet Products for 2009, and among them was the Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller. This product was submitted by, the nation's top site for pet stroller information and sales.

Including the Expedition Pet Stroller in their annual "Best Pet Products" list, Fido Friendly said:

"The Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller, a unique new pet stroller. Large enough for two pets, low to ground for easy entry. $199.99"

The Expedition Pet Stroller has many great features--too many for the magazine to mention. For example, it is one of the largest pet strollers on the market, able to accommodate large or heavy pets of up to 150 pounds. The pet stroller features a tether that attaches to your pet's collar or harness to keep him or her steady inside the pet stroller and to keep them secure when you use the pet stroller open/unzipped. The fabric is high-quality water-repellent 600 Denier nylon fabric, and the pet stroller folds flat for easy storage and transportation.

And, best of all, it is offered by Pet Gear, the premier maker of quality pet strollers, and, the first and best site to focus exclusively on pet strollers. has sold around 14,000 pet strollers and maintains a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

To celebrate the honor from Fido Friendly, is offering a special deal for May only. From now through 5/31/09, you can save $20 off the price of an Expedition Pet Stroller. Simply use this code at checkout: bestpetproduct

Pet Stroller Helps Two Dogs--One Older, One Younger

We received some helpful and thoughtful feedback from a Pet Stroller user. She shared how and why she and her dogs use a pet stroller.

The needs and uses for a pet stroller are as varied as are dogs, cats, and their human pet companions. (Some people call them "pet owners.") Here is another purpose to add to the list--how do you walk your dogs if one of them is older and another is younger? Here is one person's solution:

My dogs like to walk together but my older one can't walk as far. With a stroller I can walk them together and when the older one gets tired he can ride in the stroller. Also to get to the walking trails we have to pass a house with a vicious dog-we have already been attacked by it once-this way they can both ride enclosed in the stroller till we get to the trails and then I can safely take them out and start our walk.

If you ever find yourself asking "Why might I want a pet stroller?", click here for some of the many reasons people have given us for purchasing a pet stroller over the years.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Photo of Two Dogs in a Petzip Sports XL Pet Stroller

A nice customer who purchased a pet stroller from us at sent us a photo in an email entitled, "My dogs love the stroller." Rosana, thanks for letting us know and sharing the picture!

The pet stroller in this photo is a Petzip Sports XL Pet Stroller.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Loss of a Pet and a Home for a New Friend

My wife and I recently lost our cat of 11 years. His passing was unexpected. As many of you pet lovers know firsthand, it is very hard to lose a feline or canine best friend. While a new pet can never replace one that has left, it does provide a way to channel your feelings of loss into a positive direction. I wanted to briefly share our story.

Sassy was a cat who was living on the street and being abused by neighborhood kids. A friend of ours took him in, but she needed someone to adopt Sassy because her daughters have asthma. The day we picked him up was sad and funny; our friend told her daughters that Sassy was going to a good home and they had to be happy, so they all had big smiles while tears rolled down their cheeks.

For over a decade we provided a good home for Sassy. His time on the street stuck with him; even though he was always safe and secure in our home, he'd run and hide whenever a friend came to visit. (Because Sassy never showed his face around strangers, our friends got to thinking we had an imaginary pet.)

One pleasant surprise was that despite Sassy's nervousness, he actually loved hopping in his pet stroller. We take him onto our balcony, and the pet stroller was perfect for keeping him safe--we never had to worry he'd jump off in pursuit of a bird! He'd sit in his stroller and watch traffic go by, stalk birds, and enjoy the sun. The photo at right is a shot of Sassy in his pet stroller.

One morning we woke up thinking we had a healthy cat, but a trip to the vet revealed he had a large tumor. Just as we were adjusting to this sad news, Sassy feel acutely ill (possibly due to the medication or as a result of the needle aspiration that was performed.) He passed away that night very peacefully in our arms.

It was hard to come home to an empty house, and we were very sad for days. In fact, we remain very sad and occasionally tear up thinking about Sassy. But we also knew we could provide a safe and loving home to another pet, so we visited a local animal shelter. (While we'd love to furnish a home for many pets, my allergies prevent more than one at a time. Heck, owning even one pet requires me to be on medication, but it's totally worth it!)

So now Turtle is a part of our home. He got that name because he's a tortoiseshell cat. Also, when he first got to the shelter, he was very shy but later "came out of his shell."

Turtle is more inquisitive and comfortable than Sassy was. He'll hide when people come to our home, but only for a minute; within 10 minutes he's sitting next to our guests and asking to be pet. We were surprised with how quickly Turtle came to feel comfortable in our home, and loving him has helped with our mourning for Sassy.

We haven't yet taken Turtle out on our balcony in his pet stroller because it'll be winter for another two months in our part of the country. Some people use pet strollers in winter for transportation (which keeps animals' paws safe from ice and salt), but we'll wait for the warmth of spring before Turtle gets his taste of the out of doors from the safety of his pet stroller.

Do you have room in your home for a Turtle or a Sassy? If so, please visit your local shelter or click here to visit

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Cat "Strikes Gold": Adoption and a Pet Stroller!

The Herald Bulletin of Indiana has an article both heartwarming and heartbreaking about adoption. Written by Maleah Stringer, program director of Anderson Animal Care and Control, the article discusses the need for pet adoption and tells the story of a cat named Sandman.

Sandman was adopted by a lady from Scottsdale, AZ because his Petfinder photo reminded her of the 18-year-old cat she had lost the year before. The woman flew from Arizona to Indiana to meet Sandman, and "two hours later she and Sandman flew back to Arizona."

Stringer says Sandman is living the good life. "He has a cat condo complete with a hammock. He even has a pet stroller! He will live a fabulous life. And he doesn’t even have a pedigree. He truly is a lucky little kitty."

Sandman was renamed by their new human companions. He is now called Jamu which is Indonesian for “Medicine.” "They explained that he is their medicine for the heart."

If you need "medicine for your heart," please visit your local shelter or peruse Petfinder. Some needy cat or dog is awaiting a loving home--the kind you can provide!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keeping our Pet Stroller Shopping Site Safe

At, we always strive to offer the best service, and this includes providing customers with a safe and secure way to shop online. We've always had the safest of online systems-- 128-bit encryption provided by Yahoo Stores--but to help alert our customers to that safety, we signed a deal with McAfee, provider of virus protection and other safety software for PCs. They check our site and present visiting customers with a seal of approval and validation of site security.

We've had this in place for around six months and customers seem to appreciate knowing their online purchases are safe. The system works by checking our site every single day for possible security problems including identity theft, spyware, credit card fraud, and viruses. In 6 months there has never (of course) been a problem with our site. If you want to verify for yourself that our site is safe, simply click the McAfee icon on our pet stroller site!

When you see the McAfee symbol on, you'll know our site has been scanned and is maintaining the greatest level of safety for your online shopping.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Reason to Buy a Pet Stroller: Meet people!

For years, we've been collecting a list of reasons people purchase a pet stroller.

A couple months ago, we ran into a couple walking their cute dog in a Happy Trails PLUS Pet Stroller from Pet Gear. Turned out they purchased it from us at Just Pet Strollers (at our Milwaukee pet boutique, Metropawlis)!

I asked what they liked about it, and they said it was a great way to meet people. Every time they stroll their dog, people stop them to ask about the pet stroller and their pooch. Some people laugh and many people are curious, and they meet more people when they use the pet stroller than when they walk their dog on the leash. (They walk their dog plenty, of course, in order to keep their pet healthy!)

So, we added a new reason to our list:
  • Meeting People (new): Walking your dog or cat in a pet stroller is a terrific way to meet people. (It might not be the way to spend time with your dog or cat if you want to be left alone!)
  • Malls: You should check first, but some customers are finding that malls will permit dogs and cats if they're in pet stroller rather than on a leash. This isn't common just yet, but who knows--maybe someday all malls will let pet lovers stroll with their four-legged friends!
  • Service Dogs: We've heard from several customers who take their dogs to hospitals and senior homes. Strollers keep their pets contained, but they also elevate the dog so that people in beds and wheelchairs can pet them!
  • Balconies: Some customers with balconies want to let their pets outside but are afraid they may decide to leap. With a pet stroller, these people can get their pets safely from inside to outside so that pets can enjoy the view with their human companions.
  • Alternative to pet carriers: Rather than using a heavy carrier, some customers find it much easier to use a pet stroller. Why carry your dog or cat when you can roll them more easily?
  • Older pets: We had one customer thanked us profusely for her "brand new dog." Seems her older pooch was getting exhausted on his walk to the dog park, so once he got there the dog was too pooped to play. Now, the dog is rolled to the dog park and "explodes" from the pet stroller ready to play!
  • Longer walks: Customers of smaller pooches tell us that their dogs tire out on longer walks. Rather than cut short exercise, folks can walk their dogs until they poop out, then continue long walks with the dogs resting in the stroller!
  • Multiple dogs: One customer has three Yorkies and found life was much easier when they were in the stroller so they couldn't run in three different directions! She says, "They love it! "
  • Trips to the vet: One customer said her stroller keeps her pet safer and healthier at the vet's office. "I don't have to worry about them being on the floor with germs from other sick animals. After all, that's why most animals are at the vets."
  • Traveling: One customer who took a lot of driving trips especially liked the Kittywalk models, which include a detachable carrier and collapsible frame. This allowed her to keep her pet secure while in the car and easily roll the pet into pet-friendly hotels.
  • Cats: Cats can be tough to walk on leashes--if you don't get them into harnesses at a young age, some cats will never adjust to a harness. A cat stroller is a great way for cats to get some fresh air.
  • Ice & salt in winter: Northerners reports that their dogs paws take a beating on the ice and salt of roads and sidewalks. Instead, they use a pet stroller to get their dogs to parks where they can play in the snow safely. (Pick a pet stroller with larger wheels for wintertime rolling!)
  • Festivals: One couple liked to walk their dog to local festivals, but between the crowds, noise, and other aggressive animals, they found it stressful rather than relaxing. With the pet stroller, they keep their small dog safe and the pooch still enjoys getting some fresh air.
  • Jogging: One athletic customer reported using the pet stroller while jogging. Check out the Jeep Rubicon Pet stroller--made specifically for jogging with your cat or dog!
  • Boating: A boater said she loved using the stroller to get her dog onto the boat safely since her pet didn't enjoy walking on the docks.
  • Injured dogs and cats: Animals with certain types of injuries cannot be walked for long distances but still want to get outdoors.
  • Safety in urban aras: We have customers in large cities who use a stroller to get their dogs to parks--the stroller keeps them safe on congested urban streets.
  • Aggressive dogs: Another customer had a dog that could get aggressive, so walking him in the dog stroller helped to keep him calm (and other dogs safe.)
  • More quality time: One customer shared that the stroller simply gave her more quality time with her pet. Using the stroller, she could take her dog more places than she could've otherwise, so she and her pet were enjoying more time together.
  • Pets at work: One customer takes her cat to work. The stroller makes it easy to do, provides the pet a safe and quiet place to retreat, and keeps her pet in her cubicle rather than roaming around.
  • Older humans: Pet strollers are great for older pets who aren't as mobile as they used to be, but one customer reports the stroller is great for her 83-years-old mother: She can walk the pet and has something on which to lean as she gets around.
  • Weather emergencies: One customer said their pet stroller came in very handy during a weather warning. With sirens sounding, she got her pet into the stroller. Luckily, she didn't need to move to shelter, but with her pet in the stroller and items (snacks, radio, etc.) in the pockets, she was ready if she needed to take cover.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One of the world's most unique dogs is worthy of a pet stroller

If you're a pet lover, I'm sure you've heard about the $155,000 dog. Lancelot Encore was cloned from DNA from Nina and Edgar Otto's late dog, Lancelot. BioArts International created him in South Korea, where he was born 10 weeks ago. The Ottos say he's the first single-birth, commercially cloned puppy in the United States.

Lancelot Encore gets around on his own four paws, of course, but he also has a pet stroller. According to an article in the Miami Herald, the yellow Labrador has a--what else?--yellow pet stroller!

The Miami Herald has an article and video of the cute pup. Just click here for more information.