Thursday, September 27, 2007 and Jeep Rubicon Featured on MSNBC

MSNBC has an interesting article about plush travel gear for pets on the go. Featured in the article were the Sleepypod mobile pet bed and the Jeep Rubicon Pet Stroller.

About the Jeep stroller for cats and dogs, the article says:
The latest Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Rubicon to debut... have nothing to do with negotiating tough terrain in a 4-wheel drive that typifies life in the great outdoors. They are super-sleek pet strollers with front shock absorbers and rear safety brakes and offer pets a great view and from a bug-proof interior. They have a parent tray for keys, water bottles and other paraphernalia and are ergonomically designed for comfort for both the passenger and the pusher.
To read more about the Jeep pet strollers and other pet travel gear, visit MSNBC.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Get your pet some exercise

CNN has a great article about overweight pets, which is a sad and avoidable problem.

We've occasionally received questions about whether pet strollers contribute to this problem, and our answer is always the same: Pets need exercise! A pet stroller can allow you to do all sorts of things with your cat or dog, but it cannot replace walking, running, and exercise!

We urge all of our customers to be sure their pets are safe and healthy. If you have questions about the appropriate use for pet strollers, please let us know.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Six New Pet Strollers!

Since we launched our site over two years ago, we've never added so many new strollers at one time. just launched six new pet strollers in ten different colors.

Also, in keeping with our commitment to only offer the highest quality pet strollers, we removed a manufacturer from our site. To avoid any messy issues, we won't identify them, but after a year of carrying their pet stroller, we no longer felt the company offered the quality product and service we wished to offer our customers.

We've made a promise to our customers, and we intend to keep it: We won't offer anything but name brand products in which we trust our own pets! Since one supplier failed to meet our stringent qualifications, we bounced them!

But here are some of the new pet strollers you'll find on Just Pet Strollers:

Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller: This pet stroller is great for pets up to 45 pounds and comes in two designer polka dot fabrics. It comes from Pet Gear, the manufacturer of popular and high-quality pet strollers such as the Happy Trails, AT3, and Jeep line. They got creative in their color naming this time--you can choose from Raspberry or Sage!

Pet Gear Sportster Pet Stroller: This pet stroller also comes from Pet Gear, and it provides an economical choice for people with pets between 30 and 45 pounds. Priced $5 less than the Special Edition and $15 less than the AT3, this stroller can handle larger pets with all the reliability and safety that comes with a Pet Gear pet stroller.

Petzip Sports XL Pet Stroller: This pet stroller offers a spacious ride for pets. It's interior dimensions are 22"L x 13"W x 23"H, offering plenty of room for your cat or dog of 30 pounds or less. Available in green or orange, this pet stroller has an extra safety feature: an interior strap that attaches to collars or harnesses, permitting you to stroller your pet with the stroller open.

Petzip Urban Vogue Pet Stroller: Here's another economical option for those seeking a nice pet stroller: Priced at less than $100, this inexpensive pet stroller comes in pink or blue, includes washable padding, and is great for pets up to 25 pounds. Like other Petzip (and Pet Gear) pet strollers, this model folds easily for storage and transport.

Two great new models from Burley: The Rover and Tail Wagon: If you have kids, you know about Burley quality (and if not, here's your chance to treat your pet better than most people treat their children!) Burley is renowned for making very high-quality bike trailers and strollers, and their testing is the standard in the industry. These two pet strollers--The Burley Rover and Burley Tail Wagon--are identical except for a couple key differences. The Rover is a bike trailer that accommodates pets up to 75 pounds, while the Tail Wagon is a convertible model that can be used as both a pet stroller and a bike trailer. The Tail Wagon also includes a kickstand, extra cargo pockets, and a removable rain cover. Plus, if you want to ski with your pet, the Tail Wagon has an optional ski kit. The Burley models are premium priced but provide the kind of reliability, safety, and flexibility you'd expect from Burley.

Those are the new pet strollers you'll find on our site. Please visit for details, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pet Stroller recommended for Leona Helmsley's Maltese, Trouble

Here's a fun, tongue-in-cheek article that recommends how Leona Helmsley's beloved Maltese, Trouble, can spend the $12 million bequeathed following the hotel magnate's recent death. On the list are a doggie mansion, a diamond collar, a King George-style daybed, and (of course) a pet stroller. Needless to say the pet stroller was the cheapest thing on the list--by far!

Click here to read, "A few simple treats for living the $12-million-dog's life" by Lisa Nicita.