Monday, March 27, 2006

Pet Strollers on NBC's Today Show

Pet Strollers on the Today ShowDid you catch the "Today's Pets" segment on the Today Show this morning (March 27th)?

The Today Show featured a segment on the Global Pet Expo (which was attended by the team). Leading off the segment were two pet strollers--both carried by Neither one was well described, so here are the details they missed:
  • Petego Sport Wagon Bike Trailer/Pet Stroller: The Petego Sport Wagon (the orange stroller) is a new product on the market. It's expensive, but worth it: Huge and very strong (holding up to 165 pounds). It also is very flexible--the base product is a two-wheel bicycle trailer so you can pull your dog or cat as you bike. You can add a stroller kit (which includes a third wheel and handlebar) and--for you dog show attendees--add a sturdy grooming table that secures to the top of Sport Wagon.
  • AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller: Although it was described on the Today Show as a "Jeep Stroller," the AT3 (the red stroller) is made by Pet Gear. (Pet Gear will offer a Jeep-branded stroller in the future, and it will closely resemble the AT3, which is available today!) The AT3 is a terrific and economic option for those of you seeking a sturdy pet stroller (which holds up to 65 pounds). Pet Gear makes very fine products, including the Happy Trails line, with two strollers under $110!

Check out the Today Show Today's Pet segment and then check out the great options available at

Here is the link to the Today's Pet segment on the Today Show:

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Petego Sport Wagon Bike Trailer now available

This pet stroller/trailer won't be for everyone. It is very functional and high-quality and has a price tag to match, but for those who want to bike AND stroller with their pets, the Petego Dog Bag Sport Trailer/Wagon is the perfect option.

The basic kit is designed to be used with bikes. One piece attaches to your bike, and then the trailer portion can easily be attached and detached.

Add the optional stroller kit, and you receive a third wheel and adjustable handlebars. The stroller kit removes in seconds so you can go back and forth from strolling and biking whenever you want.

The quality is amazing. It looks huge and heavy, but weighs just 19 pounds due to the firm aluminum frame. And get this: The double-thick aluminum frame and thermoframed cabin floor combine to provide a trailer/stroller of unusual strength--the Petego Sport Wagon can support up to 165 pounds!

All four sides (and the top) have zippers for access to your pet. The wheels pop off at the push of a button for transport or storage. And the stroller collapses so you can shove it in your car, your garage, or wherever you want to keep it until you and your pet are ready.

The company that makes this product (Petego, sometimes called Pet Ego) also makes high quality Dog Bags.

To learn more, visit And if you have any questions, please let us know by posting them here.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Wally sleeps in his pet stroller

We received a photo from a customer of her cat lounging in a Happy Trails Plus pet stroller. She leaves it open with the wheels lock, and her cat has begun curling up and sleeping inside. He also loves to take trips out on to the balcony in the stroller, and Wally's human companion says the cat stroller allows her to take him on the balcony safely.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Max Dugan, the service cat, uses a pet stroller

Found a great and touching article about a service cat. You read that right: A service cat.

The article is delightful, but what caught our eye is that Max Dugan, the warm-hearted cat, uses a pet stroller. Okay, to be more accurate, Max's human companion, Deb Henderson, uses a pet stroller.

Since we share reasons people purchase a cat stroller, this seemed a great article to share. Out of the 8,000 therapy pets registered with the Delta Society worldwide, only 198 are cats. And Max is one special cat. Take this passage from the

The black, long-haired cat lounges on Mary McGrath's lap, careful even of
the oxygen tube that trails down her chest.

"Oh, you're a good kitty."

McGrath's soft, life-worn hand smooths the fur on the cat's belly. The
87-year-old's oxygen machine whirs and hisses beside her wheelchair. Max lets
out an occasional meow.

"What a beautiful kitty," she says. "This makes my day."

Reading this article made my day. You can read the whole article by clicking here.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Special Offer: Wind & Rain Cover for $14.99 has a special offer: Purchase a Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller and you can add a matching blue All-Weather Wind and Rain Cover for just $14.99. That's almost 50% off the price charged by others for the Wind and Rain Cover.

Offer is valid while supplies of the Happy Trails Wind & Rain cover last. Click here to learn more about the Happy Trails Pet Stroller and the Wind & Rain Cover.