Monday, August 25, 2008

Pet Strollers Around the Globe

We've known pet strollers have been a phenomenon in Japan for some time, but we didn't know how hot they're getting elsewhere. I found this blog post that talks about pet strollers in Europe and down in Australia. Apparently, pets around the globe are rolling!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walking your cat is officially the New Big Thing, the site for the Oregonian newspaper, has an article that mentioned pet strollers entitled, "Harness cat's energy for a walk on outside." Written by Deborah Wood, the article announces, "There's no doubt about it: Walking your cat is officially the New Big Thing."

Deborah writes about how cat owners who want to let their felines get some fresh air shouldn't use a collar, since cats can escape easily. Some cats may take to a harness, although some won't. And for those cats, there are pet strollers!

The article mentions one cat owner and her tabby cat, Zero. He rides in a pet stroller and is "safe from dogs but can see and smell the great outdoors."

Zero "loves his stroller". Says his owner, "When Zero and I get home from our walk, he doesn't want to get out of the stroller. He wants to go back out for another walk. That's great for me because it's good exercise."

Check out the entire article on

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Buy From a Small Retailer for the Best Service

At Just Pet Strollers, we focus on offering the best information and service available for people interested in pet strollers. Our ratings demonstrate that our customers appreciate it--we've received 683 customer ratings, and 626 are "Excellent" and 46 are "good."

We believe we can offer much better knowledge and information than the big box stores, so it's great to receive a comment like this. Victoria, a customer from Texas, first purchased a pet stroller from a big box store, and here's what she had to say:

I absolutely love my stroller AND Just Pet Strollers! My first on-line stroller purchase was from a national pet store chain, and I pretty much bought it "blind" without advice as that service is not generally available with the larger stores.

When I received the stroller, it was not really suited to my needs, and in addition, the wheels were defective. I returned the stroller, and found Just Pet Strollers on-line. What a difference! They were able to recommend the perfect stroller for me - the Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain. And, they were even able to tell me there had been a recall on the defective wheels of the first stroller I'd purchased, something the national store had never mentioned. Prices were the best around, too.

I highly recommend the AT3. Great quality, smooth ride on ALL terrains, and it is a very comfortable fit for my 5'9" frame. And, most important of all, my cats love it! They actually load up into the stroller on their own, and sometimes curl up inside for a nap.

Thanks Just Pet Strollers!

No, thank you, Victoria!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008 on

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Keep Pets Safe on Balconies with Pet Strollers

We periodically publish a list of uses for or reasons why people purchase pet strollers. One of those reasons is to safely take your pets out on balconies.

One cat couldn't be trusted out on the balcony, but he loved fresh air. The solution? A pet stroller. The owner can zip the cat safely in the pet stroller while inside her home, then roll the stroller out on the balcony. Both owner and cat enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and neither of them need to worry about the feline getting free. A cat stroller turns out to be the perfect solution.

Here are two photos of Sassy enjoying his Jeep Wrangler pet stroller by Pet Gear out on the balcony!