Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pet strollers give old, sick pets a new leash on life

The Oregonian has a nice and personal article about the value of using a pet stroller. Deb Wood purchased a pet stroller for her aging dog, Goldie. "I calculated that I put about 250 miles on it during the last months of her life. She loved to ride in it."

Recently, another dog, Radar, was feeling under the weather, so Deb used the pet stroller again. "Radar happily walked for about a mile with the other dogs while I pushed the empty stroller. When he began to tire, I put him the the stroller. The younger dogs and I then picked up the pace and we went another three miles. Everyone was happy."

Deb noted that you can find pet strollers in local pet stores, and added, "The best Internet prices I've seen (and certainly the widest variety of strollers) are at Justpetstrollers.com."

You can read the entire article on OregonLive.com.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pet Stroller Idea: Heat a Pillow

In a column entitled Pets with Deb Wood that appears in The Oregonian, she shared an idea that all pets may like, especially older ones. In the article, "I practice what I preach: the joys of walking your dog in the rain," she tells of taking her pets on walks in the rain, and she shares an idea for making a trip more enjoyable for a dog in a pet stroller:
Radar is a little more of a worry. At age 13, his health has become more uncertain. I think the next walk, I'll put him in the pet stroller with a buckwheat pillow I heat in the microwave and a warm blanket. I think he's earned a warm ride in the cool weather.
Making an older dog a little more comfortable with a warm pillow or blanket is an excellent idea (but please make sure you warm the items properly and safely!)

Check out more of Deb's article on The Oregonian site.

Pet Stroller for Injured and Older Animals

JustPetStrollers.com has an excellent new pet stroller option for those of you with injured pets or older pets. This pet stroller is also so roomy that it is perfect two pets, provided the two get along!

The Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller is enormous and built low to the ground, permitting easy entry and exit from the pet stroller compartment. It is available in two colors: Sky Blue and Burgundy and can accommodate pets up to 150 pounds!

The extra-wide stroller is perfect for those who want a lot of room for their pets, but be careful: It is so large it might not fit through your doors! Before ordering, you may want to measure your doorways to be sure a 31-inch-wide stroller can get through! The interior dimensions for your pet are 32" L x 25" W x 24" H.

This pet stroller offers a tether that attaches to your pet's collar or harness to keep them steady and keeps them inside should you use the pet stroller open and unzipped. It offers the ability to fold it fairly flat for storage or transport, and it has a pouch for small pet accessories. (Unlike some other pet strollers, this one doesn't have a parent tray.)

It's easy to get around thanks to the six wheels: The double front wheels are 6.5 inches and back wheels are 9 inches.

You can learn more about the Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller at Just Pet Strollers.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Daily News Lifestyle Mentions Cat Strollers

The Daily News Lifestyle section contains a nice article about the CFA-Iams Cat Championship at Madison Square Garden. The article says, "Want to get your kitty some fresh air? How about a cat stroller?" It then says that pet strollers go for $165-$175.

In the interest of correct information, you can find cat strollers for less than $100 (although you can spend $199 or more for larger, upscale models, if desired.) Visit JustPetStrollers.com for high-quality kitty strollers under $100 from Pet Gear and Petzip.

Read more about the CFA-Iams Cat Championship on NYDailyNews.com.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Compliments from an Expedition Pet Stroller customer

We love to get feedback from our customers. Here is an email we just got from Sue in Arizona:

The Expedition Pet Stroller I ordered from justpetstrollers.com arrived today. I chose the color Burgundy and I love it.

The only parts that I had to put together were the wheel mechanisms and handle. They went together easily. The only slip-up was that I forget the width of the stroller and put it together in a small bedroom. I had to take it partly apart to get it through the bedroom door, but that wasn't much of a problem.

Once I had the stroller put back together in the living room, I put my medium size dachshunds (3 of them) into the stroller and pushed them out the front door. The large wheel sizes on front and back makes for an easy ride.

My dogs are used to being pushed distances in pet strollers, so they took to this new stroller right away. We had a great time walking considerably farther than these small dogs can walk on their own. Of course, I still walk my dogs, but to get exercise for myself and a fun experience for my dogs, we take the pet stroller. The stroller is made well and should last a long time with care. I highly recommend the stroller to anyone who enjoys the outdoors with their animals.
Thanks for the comments Sue! We're glad you and your pooches are enjoying the pet stroller!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Neptune loves her pet stroller

Jessica (a.k.a. jesshibb) snapped some great shots of her kitty, Neptune, who loves to take a walk through the park in her pet stroller. One of her shots is below, and you can view more in her Flickr gallery.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Pet Strollers for Men

Let's face it: when a man uses a pet stroller, he probably wants it to have a certain masculine look. Many pet strollers--with fabrics in pink, light blue, and sage--are designed to appeal to a woman's tastes and not a man's.

Since men with pets can have the same pet stroller needs as women (including older or injured pets), we wanted to suggest a couple pet strollers that men may find more appealing. Here is a list of cat strollers and dog strollers that males can roll down the sidewalk with pride:

Petzip First Class Jogging Pet Stroller in Camouflage

JustPetStrollers.com has carried this stroller for some time and received excellent feedback from customers, but the Camouflage fabric is brand new, making this a great choice for the male pet owner. The stroller accommodates pets up to 40 pounds and has a safety belt that attaches to your pet's collar to keep them inside the pet stroller, even when used open. It is collapsible at the touch of a button, so it is easy to store or transport. The First Class pet stroller has a lot of storage, such as a removable parent tray with two cup holders and a large storage basket for carrying treats, water, and other items. The pet stroller is priced at $169.99.

Jeep Rubicon Pet Stroller

The Jeep Rubicon stroller for cats or dogs is made by Pet Gear, the largest producer of pet strollers in the U.S. They worked with Jeep to come up with two rugged pet strollers, and this is one of them. This pet stroller is specifically made for jogging with a front wheel that doesn't turn. (This makes it a little tough for tight maneuvers, requiring the user to push down on the handlebars and raise the front wheel in order to pivot on the back wheels.) For the guy who wants to take his pet out for a jog, this pet stroller is tough to beat. This red pet stroller is designed for pets up to 70 lbs. It contains features no other pet stroller offers, such as a rear shock absorbers and a 12” quick-release, air-filled tires for a smooth and easy ride, plus it comes with a compact, portable pump to keep the tires filled. It has two brakes--a hand brake for use while running and a parking brake to keep stroller steady while stopped. The ergonomic foam handle adds to the comfort while jogging with your dog. And, like the other pet strollers, it includes a large storage and a "parent tray." This roomy pet stroller is priced at $199.99.

Jeep Wrangler Pet Stroller

The other Jeep-branded pet stroller from Pet Gear is the Wrangler. They call the color Sandstone, but I would call it a browny beige. The stroller fabric is water-repellent 600 Denier nylon fabric and it has a steel frame that is tough and water resistant. This pet stroller folds and stores flat (15" high) with a one-hand quick-fold mechanism. It features both a parent tray and a large storage basket for toys, treats, water bottle, and more, plus a small side pocket perfect for cell phones or other small objects. Best of all (for men) is the masculine Jeep ® branding on wheels, handles, and side of pet stroller. This pet stroller is priced at $95.99.

We hope these pet strollers help narrow the field for men seeking the right stroller options for their dogs, cats, or other pets.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Pet Strollers Around the Globe

We've known pet strollers have been a phenomenon in Japan for some time, but we didn't know how hot they're getting elsewhere. I found this blog post that talks about pet strollers in Europe and down in Australia. Apparently, pets around the globe are rolling!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Walking your cat is officially the New Big Thing

OregonLive.com, the site for the Oregonian newspaper, has an article that mentioned pet strollers entitled, "Harness cat's energy for a walk on outside." Written by Deborah Wood, the article announces, "There's no doubt about it: Walking your cat is officially the New Big Thing."

Deborah writes about how cat owners who want to let their felines get some fresh air shouldn't use a collar, since cats can escape easily. Some cats may take to a harness, although some won't. And for those cats, there are pet strollers!

The article mentions one cat owner and her tabby cat, Zero. He rides in a pet stroller and is "safe from dogs but can see and smell the great outdoors."

Zero "loves his stroller". Says his owner, "When Zero and I get home from our walk, he doesn't want to get out of the stroller. He wants to go back out for another walk. That's great for me because it's good exercise."

Check out the entire article on OregonLive.com.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Buy From a Small Retailer for the Best Service

At Just Pet Strollers, we focus on offering the best information and service available for people interested in pet strollers. Our ratings demonstrate that our customers appreciate it--we've received 683 customer ratings, and 626 are "Excellent" and 46 are "good."

We believe we can offer much better knowledge and information than the big box stores, so it's great to receive a comment like this. Victoria, a customer from Texas, first purchased a pet stroller from a big box store, and here's what she had to say:

I absolutely love my stroller AND Just Pet Strollers! My first on-line stroller purchase was from a national pet store chain, and I pretty much bought it "blind" without advice as that service is not generally available with the larger stores.

When I received the stroller, it was not really suited to my needs, and in addition, the wheels were defective. I returned the stroller, and found Just Pet Strollers on-line. What a difference! They were able to recommend the perfect stroller for me - the Pet Gear AT3 All Terrain. And, they were even able to tell me there had been a recall on the defective wheels of the first stroller I'd purchased, something the national store had never mentioned. Prices were the best around, too.

I highly recommend the AT3. Great quality, smooth ride on ALL terrains, and it is a very comfortable fit for my 5'9" frame. And, most important of all, my cats love it! They actually load up into the stroller on their own, and sometimes curl up inside for a nap.

Thanks Just Pet Strollers!

No, thank you, Victoria!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

JustPetStrollers.com on Pets.Alltop.com

If you don't know about about Pets.Alltop.com, you should definitely check it out! The site takes the best of pet blogs and presents all of their posts in one place. You can see the most interesting posts about dogs, cats, and other pets all in one place.

JustPetStrollers.com is testing a small banner ad on the site. Visit Pets.Alltop.com to see all of the pet blog contest and check out the Pet Stroller ad.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Keep Pets Safe on Balconies with Pet Strollers

We periodically publish a list of uses for or reasons why people purchase pet strollers. One of those reasons is to safely take your pets out on balconies.

One cat couldn't be trusted out on the balcony, but he loved fresh air. The solution? A pet stroller. The owner can zip the cat safely in the pet stroller while inside her home, then roll the stroller out on the balcony. Both owner and cat enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and neither of them need to worry about the feline getting free. A cat stroller turns out to be the perfect solution.

Here are two photos of Sassy enjoying his Jeep Wrangler pet stroller by Pet Gear out on the balcony!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Customer Email about Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller

We received a very nice message from a customer who identified herself as "Maishons Mom..... Sevina." She purchased a Pet Gear Special Edition Pet Stroller from Just Pet Strollers, and here's what she had to say about it:
Thank you so much. We received our Special Edition stroller yesterday and it is gorgeous and I really appreciate the speedy delivery. I was able to put it together in just a few minutes and now I wont have to leave her at home with the summer heat approaching. Here are a couple of photos of Maishon in her stroller. In case anyone ever wants to know how it fits, Maishon is 20 inches long (not including her tail), 19 inches girth and weighs 22 pounds. She has room to lay down, or sit up, with the cover on.
She was kind enough to include several photos. Here they are.

Thanks to Maishon and her mom! We're thrilled she and her dog companion are so happy with their purchase!

Beware of Incorrect Info (and Higher Prices) on Big Pet Store Sites

A customer brought to our attention that one of the big national pet chains has a photo of the Pet Gear Ultra Light on their page for the Pet Gear Happy Trails. People purchasing from this site won't get what they think they're getting, and that's not the worst part! The really horrible thing is that on that big site you'd pay $99.99 when you could pay just $79.99 for the same Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller on Just Pet Strollers!

Be careful purchasing pet strollers at the big sites. They don't put the time and attention into accuracy as do smaller web sites that specialize on pet strollers.

If you purchase at JustPetStrollers.com, you can rest assured you'll get what you ordered and get it quickly. We've received 633 customer ratings thus far, and our average ratings are:
  • Overall: Five Star
  • Shipping: Five Star
  • Delivery: Five Star
  • Ease of Purchase: Five Star
  • Customer Service: Five Star
  • Price: Four-and-a-half Star

Friday, July 04, 2008

Pet Stroller on Tori and Dean Home Sweet Hollywood

Did you see Tori and Dean's show this week? If so, you saw the Walk 'n Roll Pet Stroller they got from Just Pet Strollers.

Alas, they went for a walk on a beach with their Walk 'n Roll, which is simply not an appropriate pet stroller for that use. Tori was having difficulties getting Mimi's dog stroller over the rough terrain. There are pet strollers made for exactly this kind of rough terrain, particularly the AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller.

We provided the Walk 'n Roll pet stroller to Tori Spelling a couple years ago, and it's great to see that she and Mimi are still getting use out of it!

Animals Befriending Other Animals

This doesn't have anything to do with pet strollers, but all animal lovers will enjoy this video. I hope this makes your Independence Day a little more fun.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Using a Pet Stroller for Benefit Pet Walks

We've found that the reasons people purchase pet strollers are almost as varied as the people and pets who use them. From time to time, we share a new pet stroller purpose that someone shares or we run across on the Internet, and here's one so obvious I'm surprised it's never come up before: A pet stroller makes a great and safe way for smaller pets to participate in charity pet walks.

We saw this post for the "Paws and Claws" benefit walk in Pittsburgh to benefit Orphans of the Storm. Their rule is that "All pets must be on a leash or in a pet stroller." We think this is an excellent use of pet strollers to enhance the lives of people and their pets and to keep dogs safe from other aggressive animals. (Or if your dog is aggressive, a pet stroller is an excellent way to keep them away from other pooches at a big event like this.)

We would've promoted the event here in advance, but alas the post was made on the same day as the event (which happened yesterday). We hope all of the dogs and humans had a great time!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pet Strollers in Michigan

MLive.com ("Everything Michigan") included an article from by Brenda Brissette Mata who asks, "What's the craziest thing you bought for your pet?"

Brenda met a couple who transport their little dog, Randy, around in a doggy stroller. She said, "Randy loved it, when he got tired of walking, he'd just jump in and ride for awhile. For Randy, the pet stroller meant he could go with his owners inside stores and restaurants, as long as he was quiet and zipped up inside."

We're thrilled she included a link to JustPetStrollers.com in her article!

Of course, we don't think a pet stroller is crazy. If you want to share your thoughts on your pet stroller or have a "crazy" pet product to share, visit MLive.com.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Pet Strollers: Safety and Convenience in Emergencies

We've had customers tell us how handy their pet strollers were in difficult times, but we got to experience this ourselves this weekend. The Midwest has been suffering through some severe storms, and here in Milwaukee we had tornado warnings on two days over the weekend.

In the old days, we would've had to cram our cat into a carrier, bounce him around as evacuated to the basement of our condo building, and then left him in the tight quarters until returning to our home. But, things were different because we have a Jeep Wrangler Pet Stroller.

When the tornado sirens sounded, Geri and I zipped our finicky cat in the safety of his pet stroller. We were able to grab a couple sodas on the way out of our condo and placed them in the stroller's parent tray. We rolled Sassy to the elevator and got him and us down to the basement with ease. And, since we were stuck for 45 minutes waiting for the storm to pass, Sassy was comfortable in his pet stroller--he could lay down, stand up, and peer out the front and back of the pet stroller, which made his wait in the basement much more pleasant.

Sassy, we, and our condo are all fine. Unfortunately, the repeated storms have left quite a bit of flooding in our city. Hopefully, the weather will turn better and allow people to dry out soon!

It's nice to know that if and when we need to get our cat to safety, we can do so quickly and easily with our pet stroller!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JustPetStrollers.com featured on BizJournals.com

Our small business, Just Pet Strollers, was featured in an article about small business and the Internet. Augie Ray, who owns Metropawlis and JustPetStrollers.com along with his wife, Geri Ray, was interviewed as part of an article about the challenges small businesses face protecting their Internet sites and rights.

The Biz Journal sent a photographer over to snap a picture, so you'll see Augie in front of the couple's Milwaukee boutique, along with his canine friend, Spider, in a pet stroller.

You can read the article here.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pet Stroller Video on Dogster.com

We found this video, entitled "Mocha's New AT3 From JustPetStrollers.com." It's a great video that really shows off the pet stroller features and Mocha!

We're glad Mocha so enjoys her AT3 pet stroller from Pet Gear. Says Mocah's owner:

They have the Dogster and Catster logos on their webpage, so we thought that we would give them a plug. They're offering $10.00 off any stroller over $100. until June 1, 2008 if you use code petstroller10k. There must be some reason that they've sold 11,475 strollers as of May 9, 2008...

 Videos,  Movies, Pet Profiles, Dogster

Pet Strolling Through the Mall

The LA Times has an article, entitled "High-end shopping goes to the dogs at Newport Beach's Fashion Island mall," about a mall that encourages shoppers to bring their pooches.

The article says, "Welcome to Orange County's unofficial dog mall, otherwise known as Fashion Island -- an upscale collection of shops and restaurants in the even more upscale enclave of Newport Beach. Startling as it may be to out-of-town shoppers, dogs are everywhere, even inside Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus and Macy's."

One couple pushed their Chihuahua-mix Daisy through the shop in a pet stroller. "We usually take her with us wherever we go," said the stroller.

We wish all malls were as open-minded! Check out the whole article on LATimes.com.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

JustPetStrollers.com surpasses 11,000 pet strollers sold, offers discount code

This is how things happen when you own a small business: You think you are on top of small details, and then you get surprised when you find the time to do a little research.

On our Web site, JustPetStrollers.com, we've been claiming "over 8,000 pet strollers sold," and we thought we were still coming up on 10,000. We were looking forward to celebrating when we hit the big number.

Well, we just checked our records and found we've sold 11,475 pet strollers! My wife and I are proud we hit that figure, but we're a little disappointed we missed out on our celebration.

If that sounds like a lot for a small business, perhaps it is, but we run our physical and online stores with just one full-time person and several part-timers. We run a tight ship, but we still find we can get our pet stroller orders out within a business day almost all the time. (Customers always comment on how quickly they receive the pet strollers they order.)

Even if we missed the 10,000th sale, we'll still celebrate a little. Here's a code for you to use on our site to save $10 on any pet stroller over $100. The coupon is only valid through June 1, 2008. The code is:
As long as we're bragging, we're also proud of our customer ratings. To date we've received 535 ratings, and 485 of these have been Excellent! Another 40 were Good. (We've had just 10 ratings that weren't Excellent or Good--we try to make everyone happy, but you know how hard that is to accomplish all the time.)

We, we hope you'll visit our online pet stroller store, use the discount code, and help push us over 12,000 pet strollers. Maybe we'll pay more attention and will celebrate when we hit that milestone!

Thank You,
Augie and Geri Ray
Owners, JustPetStrollers.com and Metropawlis Pet Boutique

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pet Stroller at an Auction

The West Virginia Bluefield Daily Telegraph mentions a pet stroller in an article about their annual auction to benefit the Newspapers in Education program. One woman bid on and won a pet stroller for her puppies. “I didn’t even know they made pet strollers,” she said.

Well, she'd know about them if she visited this blog!

Enjoy the entire article!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Pink Poodle in a Pink Pet Stroller

This article isn't about pet strollers, but it mentions one--and you may find the article thought provoking.

Joy Douglas, of Boulder, CO, died her toy poodle's fur pink. Cici's dye job was accomplished using pureed organic beets and egg whites massaged into her white coat while she basked under a heat lamp. Joy does this so that Cici can be a 10-pound advertisement for breast cancer awareness.

But the city of Boulder and Humane Society of Boulder Valley disagrees, and Joy now faces a $1,000 fine and 90 days in jail. Turns out there's a 30-year-old ordinance forbidding the dyeing or coloring of rabbits, fowl or other animals. The nearly law intended to prevent Easter-time trade in baby rabbits, chicks and ducks colored with dyes.

Since the story broke, Joy has received some support and donations for a breast cancer fund. One donor gave her a hot-pink pet stroller. "Cici spends her days lolling in it, chewing on a hair clip and yipping in warning when another of her dogs, Pierre the Yorkie, tries to join her."

If you're interested in reading more, check out the article on LATimes.com.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Pet Strollers on YouTube

There hasn't been a lot of pet stroller news or new info to share, but we found some very cute videos of cats and dogs in pet strollers on YouTube. Enjoy!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

From saunas to lasagna: The latest products for our precious pets

Interesting article in the Arizona Republic: From saunas to lasagna: The latest products for our precious pets. It doesn't say much about pet strollers, but it does mention the pet-transportation system (that you can use as a stroller, carrier or car seat) and the Jeep Rubicon Jogging Pet Stroller, the three-wheel stroller with 12-inch tires that can fit dogs up to 60 pounds.

The article is interesting and mentions pet products including Outerwear, Pet Furniture, newfangled litter boxes, and more. Check out the article at: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/arizonaliving/articles/0301petexpo0301.html

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pet Stroller aids overweight dog

Here is an article from KSN.com, an NBC affiliate.

The article is about pets who have weight problems. For one pet, the problem is caused by the fact the dog cannot exercise. "She's had Dyplasia going on the last 3 years, and it's just gotten worse and worse, and now she's developed arthritis on top of it," said one pet owner.

Slentrol is the first diet drug for dogs approved by the F-D-A this month. The article discussed the 9-month weight-loss plans for dogs.

One pet owner is using a pet stroller to help her dog get around while she loses weight. "We try to exercise her, and we go on walks. everyone around here knows me as the lady with the stroller because Melani will only make it about halfway, and in the stroller she goes. She rides the rest of the way home!"

Of course, pets need exercise, and a pet stroller shouldn't be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Still, it's nice to know pet strollers can help pets with disabilities and who are struggling with weight issues, as a result.

Read the entire article at http://www.ksn.com/news/local/15045261.html.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Salon mentions Pet Strollers

Salon, a wonderful e-magazine I enjoy reading, recently featured an article about pets and veterinary bills, and this article mentions pet strollers. The author notes that we pet lovers are shelling out more and more for vet services, and she attributes is to several causes:

One is the "increasing acceptance of the notion that pets are family members." The second is that pets are increasingly getting the same treatments as chemo and dialysis.

The last, according to the author, is the luxur-ification of pet's lives. The article states, "For those who can afford it... there's no shame in spending disgusting amounts of money on stylish sweaters, "doggy daycare," Prozac and $400 pet strollers (yes, pet strollers)." The implication is that pet strollers are frivolous and unnecessary--a silly luxury, in the eyes of this editorialist.

I don't disagree with the author about the luxur-ification of pet's lives, but I wonder why she has to be so negative about pet strollers. As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, many people get pet strollers for good reasons. Some have pets who are old or injured; some want to keep their pets safe on busy city streets on their way to parks; some want to take longer walks than their pets so they walk their pet part of the way and stroll them the rest; some use pet strollers to permit their cats to safely get fresh air; and many cat and dog lovers simply want to spend more quality time with their pet.

By mentioning the upper end of pet stroller costs and referencing pet strollers as she has, the author has diminished a legitimate product with serves a legitimate need for many pet lovers. I think it is too bad when journalists don't take more care.

To read the entire article, visit http://www.salon.com/mwt/feature/2008/02/08/my_1300_cat/.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taz and his Pet Stroller

We found these terrific photos of Taz in a pet stroller at maryjos' Digital Scrapbook Place. maryjos says he's not able to walk much anymore but is just miserable when left behind. She got him this pet stroller and she reports he is "clearing enjoying his special treatment."

The shots are great!

The stroller Taz uses is an AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller.

You can find other nice shots from marjos in her photo gallery.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pet Strollers in San Jose Mercury News

The San Jose Mercury News featured a brief article about a woman, her cats, and her pet stroller. Entitled, "San Jose cats explore the neighborhood - from their stroller," the article mentions that Cathy Frazier is using her pet stroller to get more exercise. "I got the stroller to take the cats out in a safe environment and to force my butt off the couch," says Cathy.

You can find pet strollers at Petco or Petsmart, Amazon.com or Just Pet Strollers at justpetstrollers.com.

The article even includes a cut picture of Cathy's two cats in the stroller! The picture is of the Happy Trails Plus pink pet stroller from Pet Gear.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Pet Travel Goes Fashionably Portable

Here is a reprintable article that mentions pet strollers. You might enjoy it:

by otaffy
Our pets are pampered like never before. From gourmet food to medical insurance, we treat our pets like members of the family. Many of us like to share our personal tastes with our precious pets. Moreover, like members of the family we love to take them along on trips long and short.

New and stylish ways to tote our friends to the store or down the bike path are popping up everywhere. High end designers are getting into the act with luxurious accessories and travel wear that includes coats, booties and even house slippers.

One of my favorite products is the pet stroller. Very similar to the strollers designed for human infants and toddlers, pet strollers are available for animals of up to seventy five pounds. With sunscreen covers and mesh windows for ventilation, your canine companion is tethered in the stroller, safe and secure. The first time I saw of these strollers on the street, I thought the occupant was a child and was I surprised. It turned out that the riders were two beagle puppies both fast asleep while their human did some window shopping.

With health conscious baby boomers spending more time outdoors, jogging lanes and bike paths have become a staple in many communities. Again taking a page from products designed for babies and young children, the pet industry has jumped on the band wagon.

A popular option for joggers who want to take their pets along for the ride are doggie joggers. The dog joggers look every bit like the jogging strollers for human kids. Like the walking strollers for pets, they are enclosed, with plenty of ventilation keeping your pet safely inside. Yes, there are strollers for cats and other pets too.

Bicycle riders are not left out when it comes to transporting furry friends. Tow behind strollers let pet owners get their exercise while their pet rides safely along in the rear. For those bikers who prefer to let their pets ride in front, handlebar baskets are a great choice. A throwback to when bicycles served as a primary means of transportation, the pet basket mounts of the handlebars. Some models are plain while others are padded affairs with halters that keep your pet safely inside while they go along for the ride.

Toy dog breeds are gaining in popularity and many owners appreciate their small size. It is not uncommon to see owners carrying their companions around town. An alternative to carrying your pet are carry totes designed especially for animals. Ranging from the stylish and chic to the practical, there are front packs, tote bags and backpacks. The totes I have looked at all appear to be designed with your pets comfort in mind.

For the rich and famous among us, designer pet totes sometimes rival the most stylish handbags. Pampered pooches from Manhattan to Hollywood can be seen in Gucci and Louis Vuitton bags. For those owners who prefer that their pet pal walk along, there are even designer bags that the dog can wear as an accessory. Designer bags for your Bichon and totes for your terrier can be had for a price.

Even pet leashes have gone high end. Owners who are not satisfied with just any old leash can find unique and on of a kind tethers. Fashionable leashes are widely available with many sporting vibrant decorator colors. Custom made leashes may reflect a favorite theme and some are encrusted with costume jewelry. Just add a matching collar and your pet can make the scene sporting bling that is fit for a four legged king or queen.
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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Ashley Tisdale shops with a pet stroller

Here is a video we just found of Ashley Tisdale, star of High School Musical, shopping with her mom and dog, Blondie. Blondie is riding in a Walk 'n Roll pet stroller! This is the same pet stroller that Tori Spelling used to shop with her pet.