Friday, March 30, 2007

New on

You'll find some new features and products on

First, we've added new pages dedicated to dog strollers and cat strollers. Each page describes special considerations when buying a pet stroller for a dog or a cat. The pages also highlight the pet strollers best suited for dogs and cats. We hope you find this information helpful.

Also, two new products have been added to the site. The first is the Petzip First Class Pet Stroller. This three-wheeled pet stroller is for pets up to 40 pounds, can be used open or closed, and includes a safety belt you can attach to your pet's collar to be sure he or she stays in the stroller.

The second new product isn't even a pet stroller--it's a new bike trailer made just for pets! The Burley Tail Wagon can be easily connected to bikes and is great for pets up to 50 pounds. Best of all, this product comes from the company that makes high quality bike trailers for children, so you know you can trust your pet in it!

Please visit for more information. You'll find the best selection of pet strollers at the lowest prices and free shipping in the continental United States.

Pet Stroller Theft Caught on Videotape

I feel sorry for the small business owner in this news report from A mother was arrested for using her child to help shoplift from a small pet store. A male accomplice actually grabs a pet stroller and walks right out of the store. You can see it all on videotape at the ABC site.

The mother was arrested. Why would anyone risk time in jail and having their child taken away when you can pet strollers for under $100 at many sites on the Internet?!?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scruffy likes her pet stroller!

Found this interesting post over on a blog maintained by Heidi Rude. She has three adorable kitties--Scruffy, Charlee & Cartier. She also has a pink Happy Trails pet stroller for her cats. She got a pet stroller for Christmas but hasn't been able to take her cats out because she lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the weather has been typically winter-like. Turns out Spring has arrived, and she is getting a chance to stroll her cats.

If you visit her blog, you'll find some very cute pix of her cats playing around the stroller. She also tells a funny story about her "shy" cat:

I hadn't been planning on wheeling Scruffy around in the stroller because she is
so shy and timid. I figured she would be afraid of the stroller and want nothing
to do with it. Ironically, Scruffy will most likely be the one riding in the
stroller a majority of the time as she has laid claim to it and gets upset
whenever Cartier or Charlee try to get in.

Check out Rude's Rants, Raves and Remembrances.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pet Stroller Buying Guide

Yahoo news has a press release about a pet stroller buying guide. If you are thinking of purchasing a pet stroller, check out the article.

To help dog and cat owners assess the unique needs of their pets and understand the different characteristics of the many pet strollers available, a helpful Pet Stroller Buying Guide has been made available online at

The Pet Stroller Buying Guide provides useful tips and information to cat and dog lovers who are thinking of purchasing a pet stroller. Considerations include the terrain over which the stroller will be used, whether the cat or dog will prefer a stroller with a privacy parlor, and how the human and pet will use the stroller.

For those concerned about helping their pet adjust to a new dog stroller or cat stroller, the Pet Stroller Buying Guide also offers several helpful ideas.

For more information about Pet Strollers, visit the Pet Stroller Buying Guide at

Click here to read the entire article.