Sunday, February 15, 2009

Keeping our Pet Stroller Shopping Site Safe

At, we always strive to offer the best service, and this includes providing customers with a safe and secure way to shop online. We've always had the safest of online systems-- 128-bit encryption provided by Yahoo Stores--but to help alert our customers to that safety, we signed a deal with McAfee, provider of virus protection and other safety software for PCs. They check our site and present visiting customers with a seal of approval and validation of site security.

We've had this in place for around six months and customers seem to appreciate knowing their online purchases are safe. The system works by checking our site every single day for possible security problems including identity theft, spyware, credit card fraud, and viruses. In 6 months there has never (of course) been a problem with our site. If you want to verify for yourself that our site is safe, simply click the McAfee icon on our pet stroller site!

When you see the McAfee symbol on, you'll know our site has been scanned and is maintaining the greatest level of safety for your online shopping.