Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pet strollers give old, sick pets a new leash on life

The Oregonian has a nice and personal article about the value of using a pet stroller. Deb Wood purchased a pet stroller for her aging dog, Goldie. "I calculated that I put about 250 miles on it during the last months of her life. She loved to ride in it."

Recently, another dog, Radar, was feeling under the weather, so Deb used the pet stroller again. "Radar happily walked for about a mile with the other dogs while I pushed the empty stroller. When he began to tire, I put him the the stroller. The younger dogs and I then picked up the pace and we went another three miles. Everyone was happy."

Deb noted that you can find pet strollers in local pet stores, and added, "The best Internet prices I've seen (and certainly the widest variety of strollers) are at Justpetstrollers.com."

You can read the entire article on OregonLive.com.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pet Stroller Idea: Heat a Pillow

In a column entitled Pets with Deb Wood that appears in The Oregonian, she shared an idea that all pets may like, especially older ones. In the article, "I practice what I preach: the joys of walking your dog in the rain," she tells of taking her pets on walks in the rain, and she shares an idea for making a trip more enjoyable for a dog in a pet stroller:
Radar is a little more of a worry. At age 13, his health has become more uncertain. I think the next walk, I'll put him in the pet stroller with a buckwheat pillow I heat in the microwave and a warm blanket. I think he's earned a warm ride in the cool weather.
Making an older dog a little more comfortable with a warm pillow or blanket is an excellent idea (but please make sure you warm the items properly and safely!)

Check out more of Deb's article on The Oregonian site.

Pet Stroller for Injured and Older Animals

JustPetStrollers.com has an excellent new pet stroller option for those of you with injured pets or older pets. This pet stroller is also so roomy that it is perfect two pets, provided the two get along!

The Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller is enormous and built low to the ground, permitting easy entry and exit from the pet stroller compartment. It is available in two colors: Sky Blue and Burgundy and can accommodate pets up to 150 pounds!

The extra-wide stroller is perfect for those who want a lot of room for their pets, but be careful: It is so large it might not fit through your doors! Before ordering, you may want to measure your doorways to be sure a 31-inch-wide stroller can get through! The interior dimensions for your pet are 32" L x 25" W x 24" H.

This pet stroller offers a tether that attaches to your pet's collar or harness to keep them steady and keeps them inside should you use the pet stroller open and unzipped. It offers the ability to fold it fairly flat for storage or transport, and it has a pouch for small pet accessories. (Unlike some other pet strollers, this one doesn't have a parent tray.)

It's easy to get around thanks to the six wheels: The double front wheels are 6.5 inches and back wheels are 9 inches.

You can learn more about the Pet Gear Expedition Pet Stroller at Just Pet Strollers.