Sunday, July 31, 2005

Will my pet chew through the netting?

We received a question today from a customer: "Will my cat chew through the netting?" We've never had a report of this (and we've sold hundreds and hundreds of pet strollers.)

First of all, customers report that their pets are too fascinated with their surroundings and views from the stroller to chew on the stroller netting. (Remember one of the pet stroller hints: Only put the pet in the pet stroller when you are taking them outside. You want them to look forward to their rides in the pet stroller and not think of it as confining. For other hints, visit

Secondly, most of the pet strollers have such a fine netting that it really wouldn't be possible for a cat or dog to chew through it. And the pet strollers that have wider netting (such as the Kittywalk line) are constructed from durable nylon netting, so it's tough to imagine a pet biting through.

While this doesn't have anything to do with the question of netting, we did receive a great e-mail from a pet stroller customer today, and I wanted to share it:

I received my Happy Trails stroller the other day and assembled it. It is great! The "assembly" just consisted of putting the wheels and drink tray on so even I could do it.

I put my miniature pinscher into it and he immediately loved it. He is young (about 2 years old) and I figured he would want out on the ground to walk and sniff --- that wasn't the case. He was playing "King of the Hill" in the stroller.

I was also more than pleased with the quality of the stroller, it is made better than some that I see that people use for their children!!!

From Zeda, Union City, CA

Thanks Zeda, and if any other readers have ideas or recommendations to share, please send them to or visit

Two more pet stroller ideas

A week or two ago, we listed some of the purposes for which people purchased pet strollers ( We've heard from a couple more customers and have two additional purposes to add to the list:
  • Festivals: One couple liked to take their dog to local festivals, but between the crowds, noise, and other agressive animals, they found it stressful rather than relaxing. With the pet stroller, they keep their small dog safe and the puppy still enjoys getting some fresh air.
  • Jogging: One athletic customer reported using the pet stroller while jogging. She reported that the pet stroller wheels could get wobbly at higher jogging speeds. (We expect to add a true jogging stroller to the line of pet strollers at within the next month or two.)

If you have other ideas or experiences, please share them!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Dog on Wheels

Anyone familiar with the Belle & Sebastian song "Dog on Wheels"? Some of the lyrics are:

To my dog on wheels I'll tell my pleasures and woes
To my dog on wheels I'll tell my secrets and more

That's apropos of nothing, except that we received a question about wheels on the pet stroller.

Before you select a stroller, think about the types of surfaces on which you'll walk your cat or dog. If you roll over smoother sidewalks and street (and if your pet is smaller) then the smaller wheels on the original Kittywalk Pet Stroller or the Walk 'n Roll Pet Stroller might work well.

On the other hand, if you think you'll head over rougher surfaces (grass, snow, gravel, etc.), then one of the Kittywalk SUV models or the Happy Trails Pet Stroller might be preferable--both have 8-inch wheels, and the Happy Trails features a simple shock absorber system to even out the ride for your pet.

Hope that helps, and if you have any comments or questions, feel free to post!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Which pet stroller is easiest to fold and store?

A common question we receive is which pet stroller is easiest to fold and store. Before we answer, we'll often ask the customer, "Which is more important--having a pet stroller that is collapsible or one that offers a detachable carrier?" The reason this is important is that pet strollers that fold the easiest do not come with detachable carriers, while the ones with detachable carriers are not the easiest to fold and store.

The easiest to fold is the Happy Trails Pet Stroller. You simple slide one button with your thumb, depress the large button on the handle, and it folds to less than 15" high. If you'd like to see a video of the Happy Trails being folded (372k, WMV), click here.

The Walk 'n Roll Pet Stroller is also easy to fold. It requires two hands, since the brackets on either side must be slipped upward to release the lock and fold the stroller to less than 10" high. The Walk 'n Roll is smaller than the Happy Trails, so the size of your pet and the amount of room your pet desires will affect which stroller you select.

The line of strollers from Kittywalk do not collapse for storage as easily as the other pet strollers. The stroller portion of the Kittywalk collapses flat (just like the other pet strollers), but the carrier portion can be collapsed only by removing a number of braces. While the other pet strollers collapse in seconds, the Kittywalk strollers require a couple minutes of effort to collapse and reassemble.

I would hasten to add that the Kittywalk pet strollers are still very recommendable--they are very sturdy, spacious, and functional. One of their primary benefits is that the carrier portion is detachable. Other plusses include the variety of sizes, styles, and colors available, the fact the stroller portion can be used without the carrier to roll groceries or other light loads, and the privacy area that permits your pet some solitude while in the pet stroller.

If anyone has any advice based on their own pet stroller purchase or evaluation, please post it!

Friday, July 15, 2005

"Why would anyone need a pet stroller?"

Well, it only took a week after launching the blog to get my first message from someone accusing us of having a less than firm grasp of reality. "Why would anyone need a pet stroller?" he asked.

The first week seems like a good time to address the question many people ask: "Why a pet stroller?" I hope some pet stroller users will post their own ideas and experiences because the uses and needs for a pet stroller are as limitless as the number of pets and pet companions. Here is a brief list of pet stroller uses and situations we've been told by our customers:
  • Boaters: I already mentioned one message we received from a boater who loved using the stroller to get her dog onto the boat safely.
  • Traveling: The right pet stroller can make it much easier to travel with a pet.
  • Alternative to pet carriers: Some pets can be walked into their vet's office, but some pets need to carried. Rather than using a heavy carrier, some customers find it much easier to use a pet stroller (which really is just a rolling pet carrier).
  • Cats: Cats can be tough to walk on leashes--if you don't get them into harnesses at a young age, some cats will never adjust to a harness. A cat stroller is a great way for cats (or rabbits, ferrets, or other animals) to get some fresh air.
  • Injuries: Animals with certain types of injuries cannot be walked for long distances but still want to get outdoors.
  • Safety: We have had city customers use a stroller to get their dogs to parks--the stroller keeps them safe on congested urban streets. Another customer had a dog that could get aggressive, so walking him in the dog stroller helped to keep him calm (and other dogs safe.)
  • Teacup dogs: Some small dogs cannot be walked very far, so customers find they can get all the way to the park and back if they use a pet stroller.

Those are some of the most common purposes we've heard from our pet stroller customers. If you have any additional ideas or experiences, please post them here or contact us via our site to share your own experiences.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Will my pet enjoy being strolled?

Sammy Jo posted the following:

I am considering purchasing a pet stroller to walk my cat. It is obvious he is interested in the outdoors, but I wonder if he will enjoy being strolled? I am interested in hearing anyone's stories or advice. My only concern is overstressing him. (He is a 2 year old, indoor cat.) Let me know what you think.

We've gotten many questions like this at our store and have received great feedback and advice from customers. First of all, I'd mention that very few pet strollers are returned, so the vast majority of pet companions find that their pets adjust very well. (And wherever you purchase your pet stroller, we'd urge you to review the store's return policy since some can be quite restrictive.)

Many pet companions indicate their dogs or cats take to the pet stroller right away, but others report an adjustment period. Some ideas to help your pet get the most from their pet stroller include:

  • Only put the pet in the pet stroller when you are taking them outside. Your pet should associate the pet stroller with the enjoyment of being out of doors rather than with being confined indoors.
  • Try leaving the pet stroller open and available to your pet with some treats inside the stroller. Let him or her explore the pet stroller and get to the treats inside. Be sure to lock the wheels so it doesn't move as your cat or dog explores it (and only consider pet strollers with lockable wheels for safety's sake).
  • Reward your pet with a treat the first couple of times you use the pet stroller.
  • Plan your first couple of trips to nearby destinations that are quieter and at times that are less busy. Let your pet get used to the new stroller experience without too much hustle and bustle.
  • As with any change to a pet's habits, be sure to give it a couple of times for him or her to adjust. We had one customer report that their dachshund was nervous the first two times they used the pet stroller, but by the second week he was waiting at the stroller when they got home from work. Even funnier is that he "acted like royalty" being pushed around in the pet stroller with his head held high.

Hope that helps. If any pet stroller users have advice based on their own pets' adjustments to the stroller, please post!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Pet Strollers and Winter Weather

One of our customers shared this photo of her pet enjoying the stroller in the winter weather. Buddy was tired of walking after having on the boots and polar fleece snow suit, so the stroller helped keep Buddy warm and dry--until it was time to let him out to play.

Pet Strollers for Boaters

One of our customers from Florida shared some advice on a specific use for Pet Strollers: Getting your dog or cat out to a boat. Our customers had a dog that enjoyed boating but didn't like walking out on the floating docks. With their pet stroller, they were able to avoid carrying or pulling their dog out to the boat!

If you have any ideas for how to use a dog stroller, please share them!

Welcome to the Pet Stroller Blog

Our small store is selling more and more pet strollers online (at, and our customers often have question or share advice about how their dogs, cats, or other pets enjoy and use their pet strollers. If you have questions or advice about Pet Strollers, please post them here or e-mail us at We'll do our best to provide helpful information to pet lovers about this new product.