Sunday, February 19, 2006

Pet Stroller Buying Guide offers tips for getting the right one for your pet has launched a Pet Stroller Buying Guide on their site. The Guide provides tips to help you make the right decision when purchasing a pet stroller.

Because pet strollers come in a variety of sizes and with many different features, finding the right one for your pet may be confusing. For example, did you know you should look not only at the weight capacity of the stroller but also the height, width, and length in comparison to your pet? One common mistake purchasers make is to buy a pet stroller with a 30-pound capacity for their 30-pound dog, only to discover their dog does not comfortably fit.

This is just one of the tips you'll find in the Pet Stroller Buying Guide. Please visit the Guide and if you have any additional ideas or questions, contact us or post your thoughts on this blog!

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