Sunday, April 02, 2006

New Pet Stroller: Pet Gear Ultra Light

For the second time in a week, has launched a new pet stroller into the market. A week ago, the site became the first US Web site to offer the new Petego Sport Wagon Bike Trailer and Stroller. And today, was the first retailer to offer the Pet Gear Ultra Light Pet Stroller!

The Pet Gear Ultra Light Pet Stroller is a new high-quality yet affordable pet stroller from the people who make the very popular AT3 All Terrain, Happy Trails, and Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller.

The Ultra Light Pet Stroller is an entry-level pet stroller for pets under 20 pounds. Retailing at $80, it is very competitive with the Walk 'n Roll pet stroller, which also accommodates pets up to 20 pounds. Compared to the Walk 'n Roll, the Ultra Light is 1.5" longer, an inch wider, and 4" taller. Another benefit to the Ultra Light is that it offers a large mesh basket for carrying pet toys, water bottle, and the like.

The Ultra Light has a few drawbacks: It does not include a "parent tray," as do most other pet strollers. This sort of tray comes in handy for beverages, keys, cell phones, and other things you may wish to carry. The other potential issue is it's size--while the Ultra Light is larger than the comparable Walk 'n Roll, people should be be sure to measure their pets to make sure they'll fit comfortably into the compartment (21" L, 11" W, 16" H).

For those seeking an economical option, the Pet Gear Ultra Light pet stroller is a terrific pet stroller! But if you want a place to put a beverage while you stroll or if your pet needs a couple extra inches, then we'd recommend the Pet Gear Happy Trails pet stroller which retails for less than $10 more and offers a parent tray and a larger compartment (24" L, 12" W, 21" H).

As always, if you have any questions please post them here or visit our site for more information!


Anonymous said...

Promt delivery!!! Free shipping and $60.00 cheaper then at my local petstore. I am more then happy all the way around!

Pet Lover said...

Thanks for the nice comments, Anonymous. (Wow, that Anonymous is one active man or woman! He or she posts almost all the comments on this blog!)

Cindy said...

I just bought the stroller and am waiting for it to arrive. I liked reading your review, thanks!

Pet Lover said...

Cindy, Glad you found the into on this blog helpful. I hope your cat or dog loves the pet stroller!

D said...

I am torn between Happy Trails and this ultra-light. Can the Ultra-Lite allow a medium-sized cat to stand up (instead of crouch)? The H.T. does not seem that much larger, just 3 in. more in length, 6 in. in height.

I have no use for the parent tray.

Augie Ray said...


That is really tough to answer. The Happy Trails compartment is 5" taller than the Ultralight. I think it really depends on your cat.

I know saving money is important, but we almost never have anyone return a stroller because it was too big, but most of our returns (not that we get that many) are due to a stroller being too small. I'd urge you to err on the side of more space rather than less space, but of course, that's up to you and the unique needs of your cat.

The compartment on the Happy Trails Pet Stroller is 24" L, 12" W, 21" H

The compartment on the Ultralight Pet Stroller is 21" L, 11" W, 16" H

I hope that helps!

Jones said...

The Pet Gear Ultra Light Pet Strollers is a new high-quality yet affordable pet stroller from the people who make the very popular