Saturday, October 07, 2006

Skunks in a pet stroller

Skunks are amnog the hippest exotic pets around, these days. Only about 5,000 people keep skunks as pets these days, and the number is growing.

But how do you get skunks around, you may ask? With a pet stroller, of course. That's what Sharon Hradisky of Jamesburg, NJ does, according to an article in the Home News Tribune. Hradisky takes her four skunks for walks in their pet stroller.

Okay, so let's answer the obvious questions: Yes, skunks can be de-scented. Yes, there are breeders. No, skunks as pets are not legal in every state. Skunks are a bit more expensive to keep than more typical pets. And they live eight to 14 years.

And, apparently, they love pet strollers! You can see the entire line of quality pet strollers available at And to read more about skunks as pets, check out the Home news Tribune article.

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