Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Can your pet help you get in shape?

Purina's PetCentric web site has an interesting article on how your pet can help you keep in shape.

The article specifically focuses on cats. You may wonder how your kitty can keep you fit. One example is to let your cat help you keep your exercise schedule (since kitties have an impeccable sense of time).

Most of the article focuses on how a pet stroller can help you keep fit by taking strolls or jogs with your feline. Some suggestions from the article include:
  • Get a "quality pet stroller that is designed for jogging."
  • Open the cat stroller and leave it sitting out for a few days so your cat can properly mark it as her own property. Let your cat climb in and turn it into one of his or her perches.
  • Then try an indoor stroll. If your cat enjoys it, reward him or her with a treat and a pet--associate the stroller with pleasurable things.
  • Make the first outdoor trip very short and sweet, just letting him or her get used to things. Soon, your cat will enjoy the outdoors from the safety of the stroller.
You can read Purina's Petcentric article and get more ideas for using a pet stroller and acclimating you cat to the stroller at

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