Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Scruffy likes her pet stroller!

Found this interesting post over on a blog maintained by Heidi Rude. She has three adorable kitties--Scruffy, Charlee & Cartier. She also has a pink Happy Trails pet stroller for her cats. She got a pet stroller for Christmas but hasn't been able to take her cats out because she lives in Minneapolis/St. Paul and the weather has been typically winter-like. Turns out Spring has arrived, and she is getting a chance to stroll her cats.

If you visit her blog, you'll find some very cute pix of her cats playing around the stroller. She also tells a funny story about her "shy" cat:

I hadn't been planning on wheeling Scruffy around in the stroller because she is
so shy and timid. I figured she would be afraid of the stroller and want nothing
to do with it. Ironically, Scruffy will most likely be the one riding in the
stroller a majority of the time as she has laid claim to it and gets upset
whenever Cartier or Charlee try to get in.

Check out Rude's Rants, Raves and Remembrances.

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