Monday, May 14, 2007

The connection between baby stroller and pet strollers

The Nantucket Independent has an article by Jan Jaeger, owner of Geronimo's, Ltd., a Nantucket pet supply and gift shop, and member of Dog and Cat Writer's Associations of America. The article is interesting in that it points out something we pet lovers already know--"What matters is that people are caring for a beloved family member, whether a child, a pet, or both."

The connection between products for children and products for pets and dogs is strong. The article notes two examples:

The parent company for Pet Gear, Inc., the (pet) stroller/play pen company,
is Vermont Juvenile Furniture, makers of children's furniture. Bamboo, started
in 2004, often uses the same products as its mentoring company, Munchkin, a
major player in the baby market for 16 years.

There's no reason why one's pet shouldn't be as protected as a child, so the fact most pet strollers are as well made as children's strollers is a good thing for we pet lovers.

Of course, not all pet strollers are made that well. At, we take very seriously the safety of all pets, so we've rejected some dog strollers or cat strollers that don't make the grade. If you have any questions about pet strollers, please feel free to post them here or contact our pet stroller professionals.

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