Sunday, October 07, 2007

Two nice customer comments

Two of our customers dropped us a line over the weekend about their pet strollers Here's the first:
I received the AT3 all terrain stroller yesterday.

Blaze, my 52 pound English bulldog has bad hips, bad knees and is 8 years old, so she can't get around like she used to.
I put her in the stroller yesterday and we went for a 1 mile walk--and she LOVED it!

We took the stroller out for another walk today and she is truly comfortable and happy in it. I am so glad we found you. The pet stroller will much a huge difference in her quality of life!
And the second one was nice, as well:
I just received my pet stroller a couple of days ago and I love it!!!! I have 2 indoor cats and the 1st cat meowed the whole time of her outing. However, my 2nd cat was very tolerant and I think, enjoyed all the new smells and sounds. I’m hoping in due time, the other cat will really look forward to her new adventure of the outdoors.

Thanks again for giving pet owners the choice and ability to take their little ones outdoors in a very safe stroller. It just glides and I was so surprised how easy it was to assemble the wheels and that was it. The price was right and the fast delivery was right on time for me. I would recommend you to anybody.
If you have a pet stroller and want to share some comments or a photo, please let us know!

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