Sunday, December 09, 2007

Pet Strollers North of the Border

The Toronto Star has an article and nice video about pet strollers. The article focuses on the Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller. But get this--the article says it is going for $199! At, the same dog stroller goes for less than $80!

Of course, JustPetStrollers doesn't ship to Canada (yet), but it's still a shame to pay more than double!

According to The Star, "Dog strollers are the newest trend to hit the streets of Toronto." They mention several reasons for purchasing a pet stroller, including:
  • Nasty weather. "People don't want to drag their perfectly coiffed dogs through the slush. And the salt can sting their paws. I've seen dogs roll over on their side because they don't want to walk," says a pet boutique owner.
  • Older dogs
  • Dogs with hip ailments
  • Biking
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