Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Taz and his Pet Stroller

We found these terrific photos of Taz in a pet stroller at maryjos' Digital Scrapbook Place. maryjos says he's not able to walk much anymore but is just miserable when left behind. She got him this pet stroller and she reports he is "clearing enjoying his special treatment."

The shots are great!

The stroller Taz uses is an AT3 All Terrain Pet Stroller.

You can find other nice shots from marjos in her photo gallery.


herazeus said...

I've been considering this stroller for my two dogs and I realize they won't both fit. Do you have any experience with the Burley Tail Wagon and would it be a useable solution for two dogs that are the size of taz? I wonder if the Tail Wagon fits through doorways to get into smaller stores and will it fit into the dressing room?

Augie said...

The dimensions from Burley are the WHOLE product dimensions - not the interior pet compartment. This is the most important measurement of all since your pet needs to be able to fit comfortably in the actual stroller compartment. In addition, rather than measuring your dogs by weight, you should take into consideration how wide and how long your pets are (with their paws fully extended). They will need to fit together in an enclosed compartment that is 18" Wide by 32" Long.

As for easy maneuverability, I honestly would not recommend this particular item for a shopping environment because of the way the front wheel is configured. This adds on another foot and a half to the actual stroller compartment.

Currently we do not have any stroller that is larger than the Tail Wagon, however, there may be another product hitting the market in 90 days or so that will be a double wide stroller which may accommodate your needs.

If we can answer any further questions for you, please let me know. Thanks.