Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pet Stroller aids overweight dog

Here is an article from, an NBC affiliate.

The article is about pets who have weight problems. For one pet, the problem is caused by the fact the dog cannot exercise. "She's had Dyplasia going on the last 3 years, and it's just gotten worse and worse, and now she's developed arthritis on top of it," said one pet owner.

Slentrol is the first diet drug for dogs approved by the F-D-A this month. The article discussed the 9-month weight-loss plans for dogs.

One pet owner is using a pet stroller to help her dog get around while she loses weight. "We try to exercise her, and we go on walks. everyone around here knows me as the lady with the stroller because Melani will only make it about halfway, and in the stroller she goes. She rides the rest of the way home!"

Of course, pets need exercise, and a pet stroller shouldn't be a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Still, it's nice to know pet strollers can help pets with disabilities and who are struggling with weight issues, as a result.

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