Wednesday, April 30, 2008 surpasses 11,000 pet strollers sold, offers discount code

This is how things happen when you own a small business: You think you are on top of small details, and then you get surprised when you find the time to do a little research.

On our Web site,, we've been claiming "over 8,000 pet strollers sold," and we thought we were still coming up on 10,000. We were looking forward to celebrating when we hit the big number.

Well, we just checked our records and found we've sold 11,475 pet strollers! My wife and I are proud we hit that figure, but we're a little disappointed we missed out on our celebration.

If that sounds like a lot for a small business, perhaps it is, but we run our physical and online stores with just one full-time person and several part-timers. We run a tight ship, but we still find we can get our pet stroller orders out within a business day almost all the time. (Customers always comment on how quickly they receive the pet strollers they order.)

Even if we missed the 10,000th sale, we'll still celebrate a little. Here's a code for you to use on our site to save $10 on any pet stroller over $100. The coupon is only valid through June 1, 2008. The code is:
As long as we're bragging, we're also proud of our customer ratings. To date we've received 535 ratings, and 485 of these have been Excellent! Another 40 were Good. (We've had just 10 ratings that weren't Excellent or Good--we try to make everyone happy, but you know how hard that is to accomplish all the time.)

We, we hope you'll visit our online pet stroller store, use the discount code, and help push us over 12,000 pet strollers. Maybe we'll pay more attention and will celebrate when we hit that milestone!

Thank You,
Augie and Geri Ray
Owners, and Metropawlis Pet Boutique


Roz said...

I want a pet stroller that I can take on a plane with my maltese in it, take to the vet, roll around an airport waiting for a plane and can use in the car as a car seat. It looks like the one that does all that has been discontinued.

So which one should I look for?

Augie Ray said...

I'm so sorry for the delay in responding! Somehow your message didn't come to our attention when it should have.

I'm afraid the answer is that no pet stroller does all the things you want it to. The Pet Gear Travel System is NOT guaranteed to fit under an airline seat, and the only brand that did accommodate air travel has been discontinued.

Sorry we can't help you. We're not sure why Pet Gear didn't design their pet stroller for plane travel.