Sunday, July 06, 2008

Beware of Incorrect Info (and Higher Prices) on Big Pet Store Sites

A customer brought to our attention that one of the big national pet chains has a photo of the Pet Gear Ultra Light on their page for the Pet Gear Happy Trails. People purchasing from this site won't get what they think they're getting, and that's not the worst part! The really horrible thing is that on that big site you'd pay $99.99 when you could pay just $79.99 for the same Pet Gear Happy Trails stroller on Just Pet Strollers!

Be careful purchasing pet strollers at the big sites. They don't put the time and attention into accuracy as do smaller web sites that specialize on pet strollers.

If you purchase at, you can rest assured you'll get what you ordered and get it quickly. We've received 633 customer ratings thus far, and our average ratings are:
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