Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Cat "Strikes Gold": Adoption and a Pet Stroller!

The Herald Bulletin of Indiana has an article both heartwarming and heartbreaking about adoption. Written by Maleah Stringer, program director of Anderson Animal Care and Control, the article discusses the need for pet adoption and tells the story of a cat named Sandman.

Sandman was adopted by a lady from Scottsdale, AZ because his Petfinder photo reminded her of the 18-year-old cat she had lost the year before. The woman flew from Arizona to Indiana to meet Sandman, and "two hours later she and Sandman flew back to Arizona."

Stringer says Sandman is living the good life. "He has a cat condo complete with a hammock. He even has a pet stroller! He will live a fabulous life. And he doesn’t even have a pedigree. He truly is a lucky little kitty."

Sandman was renamed by their new human companions. He is now called Jamu which is Indonesian for “Medicine.” "They explained that he is their medicine for the heart."

If you need "medicine for your heart," please visit your local shelter or peruse Petfinder. Some needy cat or dog is awaiting a loving home--the kind you can provide!

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