Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cats out of doors in pet stroller

We received an e-mail from a customer who wanted to tell us how much she and her cat love the Happy Trails Pet Stroller. She likes to spend time outside and would feel guilty when she looked back to see her cat watching her from inside the screen door. Now, she rolls her cat outside with her and the cat enjoys fresh air, watching birds, and being somewhere other than in the house.

We're glad the stroller works for her cat! If you have any questions or ideas about pet strollers, please post them or e-mail us.


Anonymous said...

I use my pet stroller often, but I found it very helpful recently during bad weather. We had alot of weather warnings, so I scooped up my little dog and had him in his stroller ready to go. We didn't need to use it, but if the situation got bad we were ready.

Pet Lover said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad the pet stroller came in handy!