Sunday, October 30, 2005

October Ratings for

Last month we posted how our site received unanimous "Excellent" ratings from our customers. In October... we didn't repeat, but we came close!

We received eleven ratings--10 "Excellent" and one "Good." (Darn it all anyway--we really work hard to earn those "Excellent" ratings!) Comments from our October customers include:
  • I am very happy to have found this item, a dog stroller, for a good price from a good merchant. Their web site is one of the best I have seen; good, complete information, in detail, with excellent photos of everything they are selling. It is just as good as being in a brick and mortar store, without the hassle! The merchandise I ordered came within a week of me placing the order online. I would, and will, tell others about them.
  • Wonderful! I bought a returned a cheaper version elsewhere and this was a bit more, not much, but worth it. Buddy loves it!!! Thanks for shipping it so quickly too!
  • Excellent price, quick delivery, would definitely recommend.
  • Overall, the strollers are very high quality and we are very pleased.
  • Thank you so much! Super Fast Shipment. We both love the stroller =)
  • We love the AT 3 pet stroller very much, it has made our walking with our pet so much easier.
  • My puppy loves the stroller, she thinks its her new home and now the stroller has to stay unfolded because shell get upset if we put it away. One day she decided to take herself for a ride. Got into the stroller and tried pushing herself. Amazing product, really good company.
  • I am sooo impressed with the all-terrain carrier; the quality of the product is excellent! Customer service was very helpful and informative; delivery was super fast; a model merchant! A
  • Went way out of their way to accommodate my request. Outstanding. Thank you.
Thanks to everyone who completes and rates our store--even the ones who rate us "Good." We take the feedback seriously and always strive to improve upon our service. If you have any feedback about our store ( or any questions, please let us know.

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