Thursday, March 16, 2006

Max Dugan, the service cat, uses a pet stroller

Found a great and touching article about a service cat. You read that right: A service cat.

The article is delightful, but what caught our eye is that Max Dugan, the warm-hearted cat, uses a pet stroller. Okay, to be more accurate, Max's human companion, Deb Henderson, uses a pet stroller.

Since we share reasons people purchase a cat stroller, this seemed a great article to share. Out of the 8,000 therapy pets registered with the Delta Society worldwide, only 198 are cats. And Max is one special cat. Take this passage from the

The black, long-haired cat lounges on Mary McGrath's lap, careful even of
the oxygen tube that trails down her chest.

"Oh, you're a good kitty."

McGrath's soft, life-worn hand smooths the fur on the cat's belly. The
87-year-old's oxygen machine whirs and hisses beside her wheelchair. Max lets
out an occasional meow.

"What a beautiful kitty," she says. "This makes my day."

Reading this article made my day. You can read the whole article by clicking here.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, So happy that you enjoyed reading about Max! He continues to bring joy to numerous hospice and nursing home residents. And, the stroller is tremendously useful. He's eye level with wheel chairs and also has a handy retreat when he needs a break from being adored. Although nursing homes provide recreation, there is so much down time that a visit from a loving pet can do wonders. Be well and contact me if you need any further information on Max. Deb Henderson