Saturday, March 25, 2006

Petego Sport Wagon Bike Trailer now available

This pet stroller/trailer won't be for everyone. It is very functional and high-quality and has a price tag to match, but for those who want to bike AND stroller with their pets, the Petego Dog Bag Sport Trailer/Wagon is the perfect option.

The basic kit is designed to be used with bikes. One piece attaches to your bike, and then the trailer portion can easily be attached and detached.

Add the optional stroller kit, and you receive a third wheel and adjustable handlebars. The stroller kit removes in seconds so you can go back and forth from strolling and biking whenever you want.

The quality is amazing. It looks huge and heavy, but weighs just 19 pounds due to the firm aluminum frame. And get this: The double-thick aluminum frame and thermoframed cabin floor combine to provide a trailer/stroller of unusual strength--the Petego Sport Wagon can support up to 165 pounds!

All four sides (and the top) have zippers for access to your pet. The wheels pop off at the push of a button for transport or storage. And the stroller collapses so you can shove it in your car, your garage, or wherever you want to keep it until you and your pet are ready.

The company that makes this product (Petego, sometimes called Pet Ego) also makes high quality Dog Bags.

To learn more, visit And if you have any questions, please let us know by posting them here.


Anonymous said...

Great blog and website!

On your website link, you give the dimensions of the Petego Sport Wagon as:

Largest pet stroller available: Length 31.3", Depth 34.7", Height 23.8"

however it's not specified if this is the inside or outside dimension.

Also, I think the Petego Sport wagon is great, just about what I'm looking for, but I have a large male greyhound and I think it's just a wee bit too small for him still. His crate, which is just the right size for him, is 28 inches wide, 48 inches long, and 36 inches high. It could use to be a little wider, say 32 inches.

If I could get something like the Petego sport wagon in at least the dimensions of his crate (and preferrably a little wider) I would be so happy. He's 12 now and having problems walking. I've seen carts other greyhound people have made for their greyhounds but never anything commercially available. I'm beginning to think I'm going to have to make my own cart for him like I've seen other people do, but I'd rather buy a huge Petego-type "stroller". If you ever publish information here about such a large pet stroller, I'd be first in line to buy it!

Anonymous said...

Where can I get a spare wheel for the sportwagon? I had a minor accident with the cart and I need a new wheel.

Augie Ray said...

I'm afraid cannot help you since we no longer carry the Petego products. You might try contacting Petego directly at
More contact info below:

Pet Ego LLC
8 South Michigan Avenue
suite 1601
Chicago IL 60603

Voice: 1-312-726-1341
Fax: 1-312-726-1342

Customer care Toll free USA-Canada
1-866-PETEGO1 (1-866-738-3461)

Web site:

Trish Stratus said...

cute bike and the dog too :)

Sonica said...

nice guide! thank you!

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Anonymous said...

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