Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dogs in Strollers

I stumbled upon a Flickr album of dogs in pet strollers. You'll find some cute shots (including a Happy Trails and AT3) here:


Paige said...

I need some help! My dog was just diagnosed with Hip Dysplasia and possibly a torn ligament in her knee. Needless to say, she is on "bedrest" right now...not good when she's only 13 months old!! I have been looking online at the concept of pet strollers and think it might help her severe boredom and anxiety that she is facing due to lack of exercise. I have no idea how she's react to a stroller and really if she'll be comfortable. (she's approx 60 lbs and has long legs) My question (finally) do you know of any way that we can "test" drive a pet stroller? Any options to determine if it is a worthwhile investment? Any help or resources or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Augie said...


The best advice I'd have is to visit a local pet store or boutique to see if they have a pet stroller you can test around the store.

Our store ( takes returns, but if you use the pet stroller there's a restocking fee, so that may not be desirable for you. (The restocking fee might not seem fair, but it helps us to keep our prices as low as they are--returned pet strollers that are used must be sold as used out of our store.)

Short of test driving a pet stroller, we sometimes recommend that you get the dimensions of a pet stroller off of our site and then use tape or paper on the floor to see how large it is compared to your pet. This can help to gauge the size of a pet stroller.

At 60 pounds, your dog is certainly at the upper range of pets that can use a pet stroller. There really are only three options:

- The AT3 is for pets up to 60 pounds (
- The Jeep Rubicon is for pets up to 70 pounds (
- The Burley bike trailer/pet stroller option is higher priced but excellent quality for pets up to 75 pounds (

With you dog's torn ligament, one of the issues to consider is how and if your pet can climb into a pet stroller. Both the AT3 and Jeep pet strollers have pet compartments that are well of the ground, so your pet would need to be able to climb in. (Some owners of larger pets have their dog get into these strollers from a bed or sofa.)

The Burley is much lower to the ground and easier on injured animals. It is very well made, collapses easily, is very spacious for larger animals, and can convert from a stroller to a bike trailer. It is made by the same company that produces high-quality strollers and bike trailers for children. It is the most expensive pet stroller on the market, but people who get it seem to love it.

Hope this helps! Hope your pooch recuperates quickly!