Monday, April 02, 2007

Megat in her cat stroller

Over at the Cat Tales blog, you can find a photo and some comments about Megat in her cat stroller--a Kittywalk, to be exact. Megat is a complete cutey, and you can also learn about her sibling cats Bujang, Akira, and Totoro.

Click here to learn more about Megat and enjoy the Cat Tales blog!


san said...

Dear geri and augie

I see my cat Megat is here :)
I had gone to see your site and was wondering if the happy Trails stroller is detachable - that is is the basket and the wheels detachable? If I am bringing my cat to the vet, I would need to carry the cat in the basket and fold the wheels.

Pet Lover said...

Unfortunately the Happy Trails stroller does not detach. The strollers that have detachable carriers are the Kittywalk (which you already have), the Pet Valet, and the Pet Gear Travel System (from the same company that makes the Happy Trails.) You can see them all here:

Feel free to let us know (by phone, e-mail, or blog) if you have any other pet stroller questions.

san said...

Ok. 1 question for the Pet gear Travel system. Can the cats see the world through the black section? Is it some kind of mesh? I don't think I will be able to allow them to look at the world by opening the top :)

Pet Lover said...


All of the black portions on the Pet Gear Travel System are mesh and would allow your cat to see out of the stroller/carrier. However, the mesh is pretty tight, so it isn't quite as easy through as is the looser mesh on the Kittywalk. I hope that helps!