Saturday, June 02, 2007

Fighting like cats and dogs? A pet stroller solution!

The Dog Whisperer found a novel and very interesting use for a pet stroller. He was advising a person who had a dog and cat that wouldn't get along. The cat had taken to hiding all the time.

The Dog Whisperer diagnosed the problem as being with the cat and not the dog. The kitty was acting aggressively towards the puppy, and once the canine took umbrage and started pushing back, the cat would run and hide.

Cesar worked on getting the cat to be less aggressive, but he also had to work with the dog to begin to accept the cat and to act gently toward the cat.

What do with this situation? Here's a very interesting idea: Use a pet stroller! The Dog Whisperer placed the kitty in the stroller and took the dog and cat for a walk. The idea was to have the dog begin to associate the cat as being part of his pack. It seemed to work!

So, there you have it! Another interesting use for a pet stroller!

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