Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Win a pet stroller

Hey, if your cat or dog (or you) has a need for a pet stroller, you should just go ahead and buy one (from our pet stroller store, hopefully), but if you want to roll the dice, here's a sweepstakes you might want to know about:

JustPetStrollers.com has launched the "Stroll Your Cat or Dog Sweepstakes" where one lucky person will win a free pet stroller, simply by visiting http://justpetstrollers.com/sweepstakes and registering for the contest! You could win a Cat Stoller or Dog Stoller!

Check out the information on "Stroll Your Cat or Dog Sweepstakes" on Google News!


Kimo & Sabi said...

We couldn't wait fer yer sweepstakes - we gots our stroller now!!! Come visit us to see it! We can't waits to send ya some outdoor pics too!

Pet Lover said...

We'll look forward to seeing your photos? Do you have a link now?