Saturday, August 02, 2008

Keep Pets Safe on Balconies with Pet Strollers

We periodically publish a list of uses for or reasons why people purchase pet strollers. One of those reasons is to safely take your pets out on balconies.

One cat couldn't be trusted out on the balcony, but he loved fresh air. The solution? A pet stroller. The owner can zip the cat safely in the pet stroller while inside her home, then roll the stroller out on the balcony. Both owner and cat enjoy fresh air and sunshine, and neither of them need to worry about the feline getting free. A cat stroller turns out to be the perfect solution.

Here are two photos of Sassy enjoying his Jeep Wrangler pet stroller by Pet Gear out on the balcony!


apr1ce said...

Try putting a Puppy Bumper stuffed collar on your cat to keep her safe on the balcony. They make the cat not fit through the rails! They were originally made for dogs but the work great for cats! Look at

Alena said...

I really love Cats a lot and the pets which i want to keep at home is Cats. We always had Pets cat and dog when I was growing up.