Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pet Stroller Idea: Heat a Pillow

In a column entitled Pets with Deb Wood that appears in The Oregonian, she shared an idea that all pets may like, especially older ones. In the article, "I practice what I preach: the joys of walking your dog in the rain," she tells of taking her pets on walks in the rain, and she shares an idea for making a trip more enjoyable for a dog in a pet stroller:
Radar is a little more of a worry. At age 13, his health has become more uncertain. I think the next walk, I'll put him in the pet stroller with a buckwheat pillow I heat in the microwave and a warm blanket. I think he's earned a warm ride in the cool weather.
Making an older dog a little more comfortable with a warm pillow or blanket is an excellent idea (but please make sure you warm the items properly and safely!)

Check out more of Deb's article on The Oregonian site.


steph said...

Great idea! That would give some comfort for older ones. By the way, I've just found this, This site is coo! It works for every pet, young and old.

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