Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pet strollers give old, sick pets a new leash on life

The Oregonian has a nice and personal article about the value of using a pet stroller. Deb Wood purchased a pet stroller for her aging dog, Goldie. "I calculated that I put about 250 miles on it during the last months of her life. She loved to ride in it."

Recently, another dog, Radar, was feeling under the weather, so Deb used the pet stroller again. "Radar happily walked for about a mile with the other dogs while I pushed the empty stroller. When he began to tire, I put him the the stroller. The younger dogs and I then picked up the pace and we went another three miles. Everyone was happy."

Deb noted that you can find pet strollers in local pet stores, and added, "The best Internet prices I've seen (and certainly the widest variety of strollers) are at Justpetstrollers.com."

You can read the entire article on OregonLive.com.


Shawna L said...

Thanks for directing me to your site! Of course your post was appreciated, anywhere I can save money on the pet stroller the better! Thanks again! Well, off to post an update and I will include a link to your site. :)

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