Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Help Pets Hurt by Hurricane Katrina

Hlpe Pets Hurt by Katrina


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the banner ad and link. I hope people use it. I've already donated, but it's good to see this sort of support. Thanks.

Pet Lover said...

Here is a link to a CNN.com gallery with images of pets affected by Katrina. Some of the images are heartwarming of pets being rescued or cared for, but other images are hearbreaking:


(Don't worry about the Tinyurl.com domain name--that's just a service that turns big long URLs into short ones so they're easier to share. This link really is for CNN.com)

Pet Lover said...

With so many sad human and pet stories still coming out of the Gulf Coast, I think we can be excused for celebrating small victories when they come.

One of those victories was the reuniting of Miss Kity with her own, Bill. An MSNBC blog has followed the story for over a week. Bill was awoken by his cat, who he credits with saving his life. Bill stood on a chair and held Miss Kitty in a flooded room for three days until help arrived, but he was separated from his beloved cat during the rescue.

Volunteers searched for his cat and finally found one matching Miss Kitty's description, but when the reporters went to the shelter to share the news with Bill, he was nowhere to be found. Due to a medical condition, Bill had collapsed and for a while no one was sure of his condition.

But this story ends well. Bill was located at a hospital and animal volunteers brough Miss Kitty to his room for a reunion. If you're interested in the video, you'll find it here: http://katrinablog.msnbc.com/2005/09/finally_miss_ki.html

Our store in Milwaukee continues to collect money for the Humane Society of the US Disaster Relief Fund. We'll be matching donations made in September up to $500. Thus far we've collected over $100.

Our wishes and hopes continue to be with all of the people and animals affected by Hurrican Katrina.