Tuesday, September 27, 2005

AT3 Pet Stroller: Details and information

We recently put together our first AT3 Pet Stroller to give it a test run, and we were positively impressed. The AT3 is the largest of the pet strollers, accommodating pets up to 60 pounds. It is marketed as a combination jogging pet stroller and off-road pet stroller, and it is certainly the most rugged model available, so if you want to move fast or go over rougher terrain, the AT3 may be your best choice.

Here are some pluses and minuses of the new AT3 pet stroller:

AT3 Pet Stroller Benefits:

  • Big 11" wheels--great for jogging or dealing with rough sidewalks and trails.
  • Foldable--easy one-button folding for storage and transport.
  • Enormous capacity--can handle a 60-pound pet, the largest pet stroller available.
  • Front wheel lockable and removable--the front wheel can be removed for storage and transport, and when in use you can either lock the wheel straight ahead (great for speed) or allow it to swivel (great for maneuverability).
  • Rain and wind cover--protect your pet from the elements with a rain and wind cover that completely surrounds the stroller while still providing windows so your pet can see.
  • Storage--the AT3 pet stroller's parent tray on the handles and large mesh basket underneath provides plenty of carrying ability.
  • Brakes--Very solid brake mechanism that locks the rear wheels in place.
  • Other AT3 benefits include shock absorbers on the rear tires, water-repellant nylon, and three-wheel design for stability while jogging or heading over turf or light trails.

AT3 Pet Stroller Drawback:

One has to look hard for a minus, but if I had to mention one it might be that the AT3 takes 30 to 45 minutes to put together the first time you use it. Once it is constructed, the AT3 is terrific--sturdy, safe, and foldable--but putting it together requires a screwdriver and some time. Well worth it, if you're looking for a pet stroller this large or this rugged!

You can find more details and images about the AT3 all-terrain pet stroller on our site:


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