Sunday, September 11, 2005

Use Caution on Auction Sites

Late last week we got word from one of our pet stroller suppliers that some sellers on auction sites had stolen images of a stroller off the supplier's site, altered the color, and were auctioning cheap stroller rip-offs as being of equal quality. Our supplier found out about this when it started to receive complaints that strollers didn't match the pictures and about poor quality.

I'm sure it always goes without saying for any product--not just pet strollers--but be cautious about purchasing on auction sites. Always make sure you know the seller, check out the return policy, and look for ratings that help you know you can trust the seller. Of course, the same is true of any e-commerce Web site you find--always be sure you're dealing with a site that's trustworthy!

On our pet stroller site, we post actual customer comments and have posted clearly defined return policies. We've sold over 1,000 pet strollers, and out of 170 ratings we've been given by actual purchasers, 88% have rated us "Excellent" and 11% have rates us "Good!" (Don't mean to brag, but we're proud of our ratings!)

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I deleted some spam that was posted to this board.

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