Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Great Pic of a Dog in a Pet Stroller

I found this over on Flickr and was given permission to share it by Madeline68. This is Nicky in a Happy Trails Pet Stroller. Madeline says, "This is actually a pet stroller that Nicky has and uses when we go on vacation so I could bring him in the stores etc. It is great and also comes in handy when we go on our long walks and he is just too tired to walk back. Otherwise I end up carrying him! Great especially in the summer ... very handy! Anyway, this is a picture from Virginia with him in it."

To see the shot and comments on Flicker, click here.


Bamboric said...

I have hounds, cats, muscovy ducks, chikens and the little duikers following me all over my mountain just about every time I go for a walk. The walk is not a 'walk', it is kind of in line of what I do every day!

Benjamin said...

This picture is so cute!

Lovee Au said...

nice picture

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Florence Fisher said...

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