Sunday, August 23, 2009

Nice Consumer Compliment for a Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller

Nancy purchased a pink Happy Trails Plus Pet Stroller from us and sent us this nice message:

I just had to write and tell you how much I love my new pet stroller. I ordered it one day and it arrived the very next day. So very easy to put it together. I told my son he would be proud of me. I took Jozie, my four pound Yorkie, for a ride around the inside of the house. We haven’t been outside yet. She seemed to really like it and I am sure she will like it even more when she tires on our walks. Like I have told people, it is nicer than my childrens’ strollers.

Thanks again for your wonderful stroller and speedy delivery.

Thanks Nancy!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new pet stroller. I really like the color pink. Cool! Hope these dogs will soon find their new home, let's Save a Dog, check this out:

Dog bark collars said...

I have different point of views regarding the usage of Dog strollers. The posted reasons above have a good points also but do you think its over? You are treating your pet so much more than a baby.

Strollers are for babies, let them walk to exercise their muscles.

Anyways, the bottom line of this is: "It depends on you". Its all about your choice, If you are happy doing that, go on.

Augie Ray said...

Thanks for the comments, Dog Bark Collars. I agree pets need exercise to be healthy, but for some pets (old and injured) and for certain circumstances (such as taking pets to malls or festivals), pet strollers make a fine solution. But, every pet owner has to make their own decision and, of course, make sure their pets have a healthy lifestyle!

adam said...

CONGRATS on the pet stroller i am also using pets they are they are the best the breed is good and i am loving it.



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