Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Lovely Twitter Picture of a Cat in a Pet Stroller

We ran across a very nice shot of a cat in a pet stroller posted on Twitter via TwitPic. The shot was posted by @MrBasilCat, who said, "First pet stroller outing of the year! I loves my stroller ^..^".

First pet stroller outing of the year! I loves my stroller ^..^ on Twitpic

MrBasilCat is a cat with his own Twitter account. He describes himself as a "Cool tuxedo tomcat, lover of tasty morsels, lovely ladies, and fuzzy blankets." The account is maintined by the cat's human companion, @Mermaidmoon.

Speaking of Twitter, has its own Twitter account where you will find some occasional pet tweets and special deals. You'll find our Twitter profile at @petstroller.

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Kiril The Mad Macedonian said...

Loved this picture!


My 16 lb. Indoor Cat doesn't know it, yet, but he's getting this for his 12th birthday in 2 wks. ;-D

Been looking around today, and reading various reviews of strollers, and the ones for this one, not to mention the product pictures,a nd descriptions, impressed me the most.

However, if anyone has had experience taking this on the bus, or commuter trains, I'd love to hear about it, as I walk, and use mass transit because I don't own a car.

I can be reached at the e-mail in the sidebar of my blog!

Hope you eventually take up blogging again, as I really like your blog!