Thursday, August 25, 2005

Another pet stroller purpose--multiple dogs!

Someone posted below about the reason they purchased their pet stroller, and I thought it was worthwhile to share this as an additional purpose for the product. She said:

I have 3 Yorkies and it makes life much easier when they can't run in 3 different directions! They love it! Also, when taking them to the vet I don't have to worry about them being on the floor with germs from other sick animals. After all, that's why most animals are at the vets.
Thanks for posting, and if anyone else has any ideas or feedback on strollers for cats, dogs, and other animals, please let us know!


Anonymous said...

I too have 3 yorkies! Which pet stroller do you have for yours? I have the original Kittywalk. It works and they love it, but it is a bit tight for all of them to stroll together.

Pet Lover said...

I'm not sure the original poster will see your question. I believe she also purchased the original Kittywalk.

As I'm sure you know, Kittywalk has an "SUV" model that is more spacious. It's available in the traditional green and red, plus there's now a blue and pink model. If your Yorkies decide they need more room, please check out our selection at Our Kittywalk prices are guaranteed to be the lowest!

Thanks for posting, and I hope you're happy with your pet stroller!