Sunday, August 07, 2005

Will my pet enjoy being strolled?

A month ago we posted the question "Will my pet enjoy being strolled?" Most pets will take to the stroller right away, but you'll find some tips to help your pet adjust in that older post.

I thought I'd share the following e-mail we just received from Zeda in California, which may help answer the question about if pets enjoy being strolled:

I received my Happy Trails stroller the other day and finally got off my duff today and assembled it. It is great! The "assembly" just consisted of putting the wheels and drink tray on so even I could do it.

I put my miniature pinscher (Terminator) into it and he immediately loved it. He is young (about 2 years old) and I figured he would want out on the ground to walk and sniff --- that wasn't the case. He was playing "King of the Hill" in the stroller.

I was also more than pleased with the quality of the stroller, it is made better than some that I see that people use for their children!!!

I have already emailed a couple of people to tell them about you --- hopefully this will bring you more business. If you wish, feel free to put this into your "Customer Raves" section.

Thanks for the comments, Zeda. We really appreciate when our customers share their questions, praise, and concerns!


Anonymous said...

Hi, my friends think I am crazy for ordering a pet stroller for my cat. One told me that it is inhumane...that cats are meant to run and jump around. I don't want to tease my cat by putting him in a stroller, yet he cannot actually run around. He is an indoor cat, but he does go out on my patio with a harness and leash. He loves being outside. I live in the city, so he cannot be an outdoor cat. And guess what else. A "friend" said that I would look like a clown strolling my cat around! (I really don't care what people think)Will it be teasing my kitty by strolling him around? Thank- you!

Pet Lover said...

I think you need better friends! :)

We've never heard of anyone getting teased for using a pet stroller, but you should know that you'll get a few odd looks, some chuckles, and a lot of curious folks wanting to check it out and see your cat.

As for if it is teasing your cat, we've never heard such a thing from our customers and we've sold hundreds and hundreds of pet strollers. Indoor cats don't get a lot of opportunity to explore--and as you know, cats love to explore. There may be a short adjustment period, but once your cat is used to it, our customers find they really enjoy the opportunity to see different things in the world from a safe vantage point.

Think of it this way, if it's a decision between sitting at home alone or spending some quality time with you out seeing the world, which would your cat choose?

BTW, we almost never get pet strollers returned because pets usually take to them immediately or adjust quickly, but you may want to read some tips we have for helping your pet adjust. The best tip for cats is--before you use it with your cat---put the stroller up in your home, lock the brakes so it won't roll, let your cat sniff it and get used to it, and even use it for some play by putting glitter balls or toys in the stroller.

Hope all of that helps!