Saturday, August 20, 2005

"Massive Thanks" for a pet stroller

We love to hear from our customers (and to share their feedback with you). Just got this from a customer who purchased a Happy Trails pet stroller:

I would just like to say a massive thanks to you for the stroller. It managed some very rough terrain and is still intact. It also survived a bad rain shower and kept it's waterproofness.

But most of all my pup loved it to bits. She even crawled in one day to go to sleep as it's her little safe house now. She is growing quickly so i am getting as much use out of it as possible. Lots of people loved it who stopped to look at her in it and believe me EVERYONE stopped.

I have printed out a picture of her in it and it is on my vets notice board, i took the liberty of adding your website on there in case anyone wants to order one.

Once again a massive, huge thanks for all your help in making sure I received it in time. We walked miles and couldn't have done all our usual mileage without it.

Best regards

Thanks Hazel!


Anonymous said...

Some people are talking about your site on another blog. Thought you might like to know.

Anonymous said...

who in the hell has a stroller for there freaking dog? give me a break. Its called a LEASH

Pet Lover said...

Hmmm, not sure how to reply to this given all the posts and feedback on this blog. Don't get me wrong--in most cases it goes without saying that dogs are better off being walked on a leash since exercise is good. I'd never recommend a dog (or cat) be pushed everywhere. No argument there.

But there are a host of reasons people may want to use a pet stroller, and we've been sharing consumer feedback on the site. Everything from the age of the dog to the age of the human to situations where pets are safer (or feel safer) being enclosed.

You're welcome to your opinion, but lots of people seem to have purposes for a pet stroller.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous that cannot spell probably has a large dog. Our small dogs are so much safer from larger animals in their stroller and they love it!

Pet Lover said...

Thanks "Anonymous Who Can Spell!" We hear from lots of folks with smaller dogs that walking them in a pet stroller gets them from one place to another more safely. Glad you and your pooches love your stroller!

Anonymous said...

pet stroller? whats a freaking leash for then?! they will end up fat and unhealthy and are way too spoiled if their owners actually buy one of these!

Pet Lover said...

Dear Anonymous,

We occasionally get comments like this from people (always anonymously) who think pet strollers are weird. Here's what I think: Not everyone is like you and your pet.

While I completely agree with your comment that our pets need exercise and shouldn't be permitted to get fat and unhealthy, the fact is that there are many situations in which pet strollers are helpful. Just because you don't need or want the product doesn't mean there is no purpose for it.

Some examples: Older pets who can't get around like they used to but still want fresh air; Pets with injuries; Taking pets to outdoor festivals or other places where it might be too crowded to let them safely walk on a leash; Taking a pet to the vet; People who live in big cities and may not feel safe with their pet on a leash until they get to a park; People who want to take longer walks than their pets can handle, so they walk their pet on a leash until the pet quits and then stroll the pet the rest of the way; Older humans who may have difficulty controlling their pets and find the pet stroller helpful for stability; People with cats, rabbits, or other pets that may not take to a leash.

I could go on with another dozen good examples, but the bottom line is this:

There are two types of people in the world. The kind that can step outside of their own experiences; and those who cannot and then criticize things they don't understand. If you are the former, then perhaps the purposes for a pet stroller make sense; but if you're the latter, then nothing I'm going to say will convince you.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about getting one of these strollers for a dog who is not fat, can walk some but not a ton, and ADORES fresh air. I want to walk for an hour, he can do about half that. He can enjoy the first half of our walk from the stroller, and then we can walk back home together for the second half. I think we will both get more exercise because of the stroller and am looking forward to it.

Paimbia said...

I have adopted a handicaped chihuahua from the shelter. His front legs are deformed and he can't walk very well. So I am seriously checking into getting him a stroller. I also have a large neurotic dog who I'd love to put in a stroller, he won't even walk on tile front wards.... go figure! Dog's get exercise, and strolling them won't ever stop that. It doesn't make them fat or lazy. They don't live in the stroller believe it or not....

Pet Lover said...


You raise an excellent point. People who don't see the value of a pet stroller are quick to point out that dogs need exercise, but purchasing a pet stroller doesn't mean your dog lives in one! Pets naturally get the exercise they need! Thanks for the comments.

Beth said...

I have two dogs, we go camping and do alot of walking, hiking, etc..they both love to go and our girl doesn't want to stop and our boy just can't keep up, he has bad legs, he limps and has to be carried alot.He wants to be with us and this will make it more comfortable for him and all will be happy! I have been looking for something like this and can't WAIT to get it!!! THANK YOU!!!

Pet Lover said...

Thanks Beth! We hope you find your camping trips are much better as a result! I'm not sure how big your pets are, but for rougher environments (such as around a campground), we'd recommend the Pet Gear AT3. It's got bigger wheels, shock absorbers, and a three-wheel design that makes it better suited for rough terrain. You might also consider one of the Jeep pet strollers, as well! Here are some links:


Jeep Pet Strollers:

Anonymous said...

i ordered my dog this stroller and unfortunately it is back ordered so i have to wait. but i think for one reason or another this is good for us pet parents. i adopted an abused dog a few months ago and he does not like strangers touching him. he is a bichon and soooo adorable but has no manners (yet...and we love him). our family is working on him, taking him to obedience school, the shrink, and just loving him. it is too difficult to take him to crowded place since he is so suspicious of everyone. with the stroller, we could desensitize him...expose him to people without him harming anyone. a LEASH, cannot do this. (luvadoggie)

Cat lover said...

We have a cat that loves the outdoors, (but lives inside) he goes camping, shopping, on walks, and street fair's with us. I take him on a daily walk with a harness and leash for exercise. I have decided to order a stroller for him, it will come in handy on trips and long walks. He can nap in it while we keep going. A few years ago I would have thought the idea of a stroller would be nutty, but since we have a new cat that loves to go everywhere with us, this is an excellent idea for his safety.

Anonymous said...

Hi there

I am from the UK and haven't seen anyone using a pet stroller here unless they are at a dog show but I can't wait to get one when I get my French Bulldog!

I hope to be able to use it in shops and coffee shops as I don't see why people can cart noisy kids in buggies to these places and dogs are not allowed as it is seen as a health risk??

I am certainly not tying my dog up outside to get stolen and I don't see why I should leave it at home if I need to go and do some shopping?

I think they are a great idea and hopefully I will see more of them over here in the UK soon!

Pet Lover said...

Hello to the UK! Thanks for posting, and I hope you see pet strollers over in the UK soon.

I've never understood the "health risk" argument about dogs in restaurants. Don't get me wrong--dogs don't belong everywhere, and many restaurants are too nice or too crowded for a dog.

But for cofee shops and sidewalk cafes I don't understand why dogs pose a health risk. After all, we all have dogs in houses and kitchens as we cook and eat, right? Anyone ever hear of someone getting sick because a dog was in their kitchen? Me neither!

Thanks for posting your thoughts!

LuvWesties said...

they're also great when shopping/ maneuvering in traffic or among people. Furthermore, if you're traveling by plan and plan to carry your dog in the cabin, as many of us do, it's a much more manageable means of transport than just having the carrier over your shoulder, when you have other luggage as well.

Most importantly, however, no one is obligated to like or appreciate the same things as everyone else. It's called "choice." But given the tremendous success of companies in selling these strollers, why can't you naysayers (i.e. Anonymous)just keep your mouths shut? It's a free country; if you don't like it, don't buy it! .. but everybody's a critic and thinks their opinion is some how more valuable because it's, well, "critical." If people in theis world concentrated on having some manners, living by the credo of "treating people the way they want to be treated," and of course our collectice mothers' favorite of "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything," not only would pet stroller manufacturers go on blissfully selling strollers to blissful pet owners, we wouldn't even NEED soldiers to send to Iraq.. or anywhere else for that matter. OK, so this ain't Utopia, but our mothers were right (about this, anyway). If you can't say something nice, ZIP IT!

Pet Lover said...

Thanks LuvWesties. Great comments!

Anonymous said...

My Mom lives in an assisted living facility. Animals are only allowed if they can be held while coming in and out of the building. My dog is too large for me to carry so the stroller makes it possible for me to bring my dog. I live out of state and like to spend a couple of days with Mom when I come visit. Without the stroller i would only be able to stay a few hours or pay someone to keep her.

Dee said...

I can't wait to get a stroller, haven't showed my husband yet, he will think that I am crazy, of course, at first. But once I get one and he sees me walking more he will understand. I have three papillons, each weighing about 6 lbs and it is very difficult walking all three at the same time. They love to walk, I love to walk them but when I have three of them I am concerned about my ability to protect them if another (large) dog or large animal comes around and they are threatened. So with the stroller I will be able to have one walking at a time and still feel that I can protect them.

So another reason that your product is a good one.

From one pet lover to another....happy trails.....Dee

Pet Lover said...

Thanks Dee! Happy Strolling!

Anonymous said...

I am considering a stroller to use with our show dogs when we travel by plane. The dog bags get cramped and hot and it would be great to be able to give them room and air on layovers. I also think it would save alot of schlepping of crates at the shows. It looks as if the top folds back far enough to use the interior as a grooming table as well. Such a deal. With amount of gear we haul something to lighten the load would be great.

As for the person who thinks it's stupid ... I get furious at shows when people with large dogs have them at the end of a 6 foot lead and sticking noses where they do not belong. I control my dogs, they need to do the same.

Pet Lover said...

Thanks for the comments! Hope you do some happy traveling with your pet.

Anonymous said...

I love the pet stroller. I take my little dog into most stores, art fairs and on vacation. The stroller keeps him safe and it keeps him away from people and kids touching him. There is no worry of him being harmed of the posability of him harming anyone. I keep the stroller in my car if I need it I can pull it out. He never ever stays in the car by him self he goes were I go. We do go for walks. The stroller allows me to take him into more places. All shop owners have told me that they prefered me visting their shop with my dog in the stroller then most parents with their children. My dog lays in his stroller out of harms way, no risk of being stepped on and at no risk of knocking anything over.

Pet Lover said...

Thanks Anonymous. Glad you are finding your pet stroller so useful!

Anonymous said...

Hi,I have just orderd a stroller for my darling 16 year old Westie boy who has a ruptured cruciate ligament that is slow to improve.He gets tired very quickly and our 5year old bitch is getting frustrated with the slow walks we take.Any advice to get him used to being in the stroller?He can be a bit head strong!!I am in the U.K and have never seen a dog in a stroller,husband and daughter aged 15 refuse to be seen with it!

Pet Lover said...


We do have some advice on acclimating your pet to a new pet stroller. We've found many dogs take to it right away, so perhaps you won't have any issues. Some tips:

- Leave the dog stroller open with the brakes set inside your home. Let your dog sniff around it and get use to it before you take your first ride.

- Then take your pooch for a ride around your home or yard--an area with which he is familiar. Let him get used to the ride, and reward your dog with a treat afterwards.

- For your first stroll, plan your walk on a day that's a little quieter or a route that is less busy. Don't take your first stroll down a busy street or past a construction site, or your dog may get spooked by the confinement.

Check out some other tips and suggestion on the site:

Hope that helps! And good luck, I hope your dog enjoys the stroller and recovers quickly from his injury!

Anonymous said...

hi do you know where i can get a VERY cheap pet stroller at???
please e-mail me bak at

Augie Ray said...

If you must buy a CHEAP pet stroller, simply do some searching using Google or get a used one on an auction site.

Of course, our site ( has been fighting against "cheap" pet strollers that are reaching the US from China for over a year now. We wouldn't trust our beloved pet in one of those, and we don't think you should either, but that's up to you. With new, high-quality, name brand pet strollers going for less than $85 on, why chance it with some no-name brand?

If you're interested in the cheapest pet strollers, check out:

Happy Trails Pet Stroller:

Pet Gear Ultra Light Pet Stroller:

Walk 'n Roll Pet Stroller:

Pet Valet Travel Pet Stroller & Carrier:

All four are less than $85 with free shipping!

Anonymous said...

My little chihuahua gets carried around everywhere we go. When we travel to flea markets etc, she gets heavy after a while. We bought a backpack for her and she loves to ride in it, but once again, she becomes heavy after a couple of hours.
I have been considering a stroller for some time now. We are about to go on vacation and plan to visit lots of sites and do pleanty of shopping. I am looking forward to getting my new stroller. I'll follow up in a few weeks to let everyone know how it works out.

Augie Ray said...

Good luck with the pet stroller. Please let us know how you and your chihuahua enjoy the stroller!

If you have any questions about picking out a pet stroller, please let us know:

seababyoc said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Augie Ray said...

seababyoc posted to our blog but included an email address. To protect his or her "in" box from spam, I deleted the post, but here is the question and our response:


seababyoc has left a new comment on your post ""Massive Thanks" for a pet stroller":

I want a dog stroller for a toy maltese 4 lbs. I'm 5' and 68 years old and have a nerve disability. I need you help with what type stroller to buy. I trip easily for there's a need for stability and a handle that's my size. I was looking at the AT3, but can't vision how big it is.

Thank you for any help you can give me.


Thanks for posting on our blog.

The AT3 is a great all terrain stroller, however, given your situation, it may not be the best for you because of the weight of the actual stroller which is 28 pounds. We would recommend one of the smaller Special Edition or Sportster models which weight 18 pounds. They are a hybrid between the smaller four wheel strollers and the larger AT3 model.

Here are a couple of links:

Special Edition pet stroller:

Sportster pet stroller:

Hope this helps!


Charlie said...

I have an injured three year old American Eskimo male. He dislocated his knee in July and is still not really walking on his hind right leg. His vet said that he was probably predisposed to this condition and it may or may not completely heal. It's bad enough to consider surgery for him. The thing is...Jack loves to be outside and we have another American Eskimo who is so restless, that he needs the long walks. My room mate normally takes him on the walk, while I stay at home with Jack. We are considering purchasing a pet stroller and after reading some of these comments and blog, I am pretty sure that we will be purchasing it, so Jack may go on the long walks. Yes, he gets his short ones around the apartment complex, for exercise, but he can not handle the long ones and this would allows us to take both of them for walks.

Augie Ray said...


Sorry to hear about Jack! A Pet Stroller may be a great option for you.

You didn't mention how much Jack weighs, but assuming he's between 18 and 32 pounds, you have many options.

For an injured pet, a great pet stroller is the Pet Gear Expedition: It's very low the ground and easy to get in and out of for dogs with leg problems. Drawbacks are that it is HUGE and lacks a parent tray and large basket.

There are a lot of other options, but most of the other pet strollers require the pet to climb or be lifted into the stroller.

If we can help with any questions, please let us know!

Augie & Geri Ray

Charlie said...

Thanks Augie and Geri! He weighs 24.5 pounds. We can lift him up. I pretty much carry him like a toddler. I used to pick up a 55 pound dog (before we lost her to cancer). I did find a stroller, that holds up to 30 pounds. I like the idea of the basket and parent tray, so that we can bring water for them and have a place to put my keys.

Anonymous said...

My dogs like to walk together but my older one can't walk as far. With a stroller I can walk them together and when the older one gets tired he can ride in the stroller. Also to get to the walking trails we have to pass a house with a vicious dog-we have already been attacked by it once-this way they can both ride enclosed in the stroller till we get to the trails and then I can safely take them out and start our walk.

Anonymous said...


Augie Ray said...

Thanks Trish! Appreciate you sharing your pet stroller usage!

Anonymous said...

Pet Lover...
I love my little Shih Tzu mix and want to take him as many places as possible with me. He is alone when I am at work and want to spend as much time as possible with him. I take him for walks outside in the stroller because he is allergic to the pollen in the grass. Sniffing the grass will throw him into an asthma attack yet he loves to go out. Strollers are great. I agree that so often we have to tolerate children that are out of controll yellling and running through stores
and they are not ask to leave.

Anonymous said...

People who are commenting on using a leash only for dogs aren't taking into account that some dogs have a condition or disease not allowing them to walk. My dog has heart disease and he is not able to exercise for more than a very short period before having an "attack" due to his increased heart rate. He's always loved going along on walks, and now he's really sad that we have to tell him to stay while the other dogs get to go. A stroller is the only solution for him to get a walk, even if it is on wheels, and to be with the family. Think outside the box, people.

Anonymous said...

People who are commenting on using a "leash only" for dogs aren't taking into account that some dogs have a condition or disease not allowing them to walk. My dog has heart disease and he is not able to exercise for more than a very short period before having an "attack" due to his increased heart rate. He's always loved going along on walks, and now he's really sad that we have to tell him to stay while the other dogs get to go. A stroller is the only solution for him to get a walk, even if it is on wheels, and to be with the family. Think outside the box, people.

shyski said...

We have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We love to go to craft fairs and sometimes we are gone for long periods of time. When we do this we want to take our dog with us. He just turned 2 and still gets a little crazy when we are around crowds. I don't want to leave him home alone all day and want to be able for him to enjoy being with us on our outings. Therefore, I'm considering buying a pet stroller for him. We can still let him walk when the crowds aren't bad, but put him in the stroller and keep him safe when the crowds are large. I feel this offers the best of both worlds. He can be with us, not left alone, get exercise, but still be safe when the need arises. We were using his carrier and using our son's stroller that he'd outgrown, however, I feel this didn't provide enough ventilation for him. A pet stroller is the perfect solution!!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 senior cats, my veterinarian is almost a mile away, I live in a congested city, and I don't own a car. The leash suggestion is impractical. Even if cats did take well to leashes, passing dogs along the way would likely not go well. I've been lugging my cats in two carriers (20-25 pounds total weight), either walking or using a cab when available. On our last trip out, it was raining and it took 25 minutes for the taxi to arrive after phoning. I'm shopping for a stroller now and it's not to pamper overweight animals who need exercise. It's because it's a smart move. I'm glad such a thing has become available.

Livet är svårt! said...

Hello! I'm looking and looking for exhibition tents to us humans. I live in Sweden then you need a tent when you're at a dog show with her beloved dogs. We are Chihuahua breeders so We use pet stroller and have our dogs in both the security when it's crowded and the dogs love to ride. But please, you can not start selling exhibition tents in various colors and models. It is in short supply for us!

Marie - 1984 said...

Hello everyone!

I just want to say that I have gotten a stroller for my Chinese crested dog. He is insecure and have bad joints in both his hindlegs so when we go into town or travel - the stroller is perfect!

To everone that thinks strollers are stupid - think again! My dog feels safe in the stroller and due to the fact that he is very insecure and also have problems with his legs (making him instable and having problems keeping his balance in for example a bus or a train) and also because of his somethimes aggressive behaviour due to his insecurity. It is a lot safer and better for everyone with him in a stroller when traveling or walking through a crowded city etc.

For the record (for everyone - going "crazy bitch, having a dog in a stroller") once again - just because there are dogstrollers it does not (normally) mean that the dog travels by one all the time. My dog for example gets long walks and exercise every day. Do you also believe that kids in strollers = never walk????

/Marie (from Sweden)

ps. My dad (who had huntingdogs as a child and thought of Chinese Cresteds as being "not real dogs" before I bought mine, at least) said (when i showed him the stroller for the first time, thinking he would laugh so hard he would die or something)"That is the best thing you ever bought!" He could understand how great a stroller can be if one uses it with sence :-). ds.

Anonymous said...

Hello and Happy New Year. I am considering getting a stroller. I have a Chihuahua and a cat. We are trying to sell our house to go full time in our camper. I would really like to get my cat more accustomed to the outdoors and go with us when we are walking the dog. Though he has been walked on a harness and leash, he is still not that comfortable with it all. He loves to look outside but is too scared to join us when we are sitting out there. So I feel the safety of the stroller will make it more enjoyable for him. Another big reason is that I think it will allow us to take them with us instead of staying in the camper while we go places. Certainly I know they still could not go everywhere but I think they could go more places. I would like to hear back on this from anyone who does have a stroller for that reason. I would like to know if it has allowed them to take their pets with them to shopping areas, or events more readily. Is it accepted publically?
Thank you. I feel like many others, that this is an individual choice of pet owners and should not be negatively criticized by anyone. No one is forcing anyone to get one if they do not want one or have use for one. But there are a variety of reasons to use one that go beyond simply spoiling a pet.