Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Uses for Pet Strollers

We keep getting e-mail and customer comments about purposes for pet strollers. This all started with one person asking "Why would anyone need a pet stroller?" So, here is the complete list built by our customers:
  • Snow/Winter: A northerner reported her dogs paws were taking a beating on the ice and salt, so she purchased a pet stroller to get her dog to the parks where they can play safely. She loved the stroller and shared a picture (at right.)
  • Festivals: One couple liked to take their dog to local festivals, but between the crowds, noise, and other agressive animals, they found it stressful rather than relaxing. With the pet stroller, they keep their small dog safe and the puppy still enjoys getting some fresh air.
  • Jogging: One athletic customer reported using the pet stroller while jogging. She reported that the pet stroller wheels could get wobbly at higher jogging speeds. (We expect to add a true jogging stroller to the line of pet strollers at within the next month or two.)
  • Boaters: A boater said she loved using the stroller to get her dog onto the boat safely since her pet didn't enjoy walking on the docks.
  • Traveling: The right pet stroller can make it much easier to travel with a pet. One customer who took a lot of driving trips especially liked the Kittywalk model, which includes a detachable carrier and collapsible frame--this allowed her to keep her pet secure in the car and easily roll the pet into buildings.
  • Alternative to pet carriers: Some pets can be walked into their vet's office, but some pets need to carried. Rather than using a heavy carrier, some customers find it much easier to use a pet stroller (which really is just a rolling pet carrier).
  • Cats: Cats can be tough to walk on leashes--if you don't get them into harnesses at a young age, some cats will never adjust to a harness. A cat stroller is a great way for cats (or rabbits, ferrets, or other animals) to get some fresh air.
  • Injuries: Animals with certain types of injuries cannot be walked for long distances but still want to get outdoors.
  • Safety: We have had city customers use a stroller to get their dogs to parks--the stroller keeps them safe on congested urban streets. Another customer had a dog that could get aggressive, so walking him in the dog stroller helped to keep him calm (and other dogs safe.)
  • Teacup dogs: Some small dogs cannot be walked very far, so customers find they can get all the way to the park and back if they use a pet stroller.
  • More quality time: One customer shared that the stroller simply gave her more quality time with her pet. Using the stroller, she could take her dog more places than she could've otherwise, so she and her pet were enjoying more time together.

Any other purposes for a pet stroller? If so, let us know, please!


Anonymous said...

I suppose this is in your list, but rolling my dog is just easier than carrying her or worrying about her safety in some situations.

Anonymous said...

Another good reason to use a pet stroller is you can take your little one to the mall and in and out of stores without hearing the dreaded, "We do not allow animals---please take her outside."

Angie & Francie (my darling Maltese!)

Pet Lover said...

Thanks Angie & Francie! We hear that a lot from folks who like to shop with their pets.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a way to get my kitty (who loves the outdoors but is always stuck in the apartment) to the park without freaking him out by walking/carrying him (and consequently bumping him) through the noisy Brooklyn streets. This is perfect, easy to get him safely and happily to his first ever chance to chew on grass! lucky kitty.

Augie Ray said...

A pet stroller sounds perfect, but it sounds like you intend to let him out of the stroller once you get the park. Please be very careful! It might be best to keep him safe and secure in the pet stroller, or at least make sure he's securely fastened with a good harness!

Hope you and your kitty have fun!