Monday, October 03, 2005

Message from a Happy Pet Stroller Owner

Just got a great note from a customer who shared how much her cat loves her stroller:

I received my Happy Trails stroller last Friday. The ordering process/shipping was quick & efficient. I just had to write and let you know how much my cat loves her new ride. After only a couple of walks, she figured out what "stroller" means. As soon as we tell her to get in her stroller, she hops right in and waits for me to zip her up. On our walks, she sits up in the stroller and watches the world go by with total fascination. We are all extremely happy with our purchase, even my husband who originally thought the stroller idea was a dud. I am attaching a picture of our little Emma in her new ride. Thanks so much!
And a big thanks to Emma and her human companions for sharing!

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Patricia Allen, Florida said...

We love our Happy Trails stroller. It is all and more than expected. Our first use was on rough and sandy terrain and it held up wonderfully well. I have a male Yorkie (Jackson) and he took to it immediately. He strolls around sitting upright and loves looking around. I took him to my office and he fell asleep in it belly up. When people come around he has no interest in trying to leave his stroller. Of course, we encountered some very closed minded people who thought it was ridiculous, but we kept strolling along. All the pet owners we encountered loved it and wanted to know where to get one. I passed along your information. Just wanted to say thanks for making life more pleasant for me and Jackson.