Wednesday, December 28, 2005 featured in online news articles

Our e-commerce site,, has been featured on a couple of news sites recently. We appreciate the recognition and wanted to share the links:

If pet can't walk, stroller can help
Disabled, disinclined, or just plain tiny catch a ride
Deleware Online/The News Journal

While a pet stroller seems to contradict the idea of taking the dog for a walk, the new trend in pet conveyances is not all that far-fetched. More pets seem to need a little assistance these days. Tiny dogs, which can't walk far, are hugely popular... and today's dogs are living long enough to develop arthritis and other ailments that make romping in the park difficult.

All of these are reasons why a collapsible nylon stroller, much like those used to tote tots, is perfect for pets.

Several Web sites sell pet strollers, including offered by the Metropawlis pet boutique in Milwaukee. The site includes a blog devoted to customers' experiences with a variety of pet strollers. [Hey, they're talking about this blog--cool!]

Strollers are often more than a pet indulgence
The Oregonian/
Tuesday, December 06, 2005

(A Pet Stroller is) also a great alternative for someone with a small-sized senior or disabled dog -- the dog gets to enjoy being outside with his owner, even if he can't walk very far. Strollers are also handy, safe transportation in crowded places such as outdoor markets or dog shows.

Strollers don't come cheap, selling for about $100 to more than $300. Look around before buying; some retailers sell the same model for much more than others. The largest variety with the best prices I've seen on the Internet were at

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