Saturday, December 24, 2005

Walk 'n Roll vs. Pet Gear Happy Trails

We received a question that others may have and find interesting. It's about the size of the Walk n' Roll and whether it is appropriate for a dog of a certain size. While we think the Walk 'n Roll is a fine pet stroller, you must be careful about your pet's size when purchasing this one. Here's the question and our answer:

Hi. I live in Florida and have a Pekingese puppy who I think may get up to around 15 pounds (but I hope not). He is going to have a very big coat. I am interested in the walk and roll stroller. the one for dogs under 20 pounds, which he certainly will be. I am hoping he stops at 12, but who knows? Anyway, since the info. says for very small dogs, would he fit well in this stroller? To me compared to many dogs, he will not be very small. My second question is will this stroller be too hot for a hairy boy? I am worried about that as well. Thank you.

Here's our response:

Our recommendation is that the Pet Gear Happy Trails would be better for just a few bucks more ( It is substantially more spacious, and as your dog gets much above 12 pounds I think the Walk 'n Roll might get tight. (The Walk 'n Roll is great for teacup dogs and cats who don't mind curling up in the smaller pet stroller.)

As for the heat, neither pet stroller would be a problem. Both are well ventilated and can even be used open, if desired.

Hope that helps. Let us know if you have any other questions.


Anonymous said...

hi i am 12 years old and have a shihtzu/ lasaopso an is about 15-20 punds i was wondering which stoller would be better for him....also was wondering if you could help me to find out were i could get one for less..because i could deffinely not afford the prices for these stroller...thank- you so much- goodbye!

Pet Lover said...

Well, the least expensive pet stroller carried at is the Walk n' Roll. Your Shihtzu is at the upper range of the weight limit for this stroller, and I'm afraid he may not fit comortably.

I've seen some pet strollers for less money, but since I wouldn't trust my own pet in one of those, I cannot honestly recommend them or give you any advice.

The price on the Happy Trails has come down recently, and I don't expect the price to drop any further--you may want to check out the Happy Trails which is a bit more expensive but is a VERY safe and sturdy pet stroller and would be great for a pet of your Shihtzu's size:

Hope this helps!