Sunday, December 04, 2005

November Customer Ratings for

Each month, we've been sharing the Customer Ratings received by in the previous month. You don't need to believe us, of course; you can also view our ratings via the Yahoo Store rating system. Here, for your review, are the unedited ratings we received from consumers in November. (We're very proud of our consumer ratings--can you tell?)

Excellent: was great. I shopped around where I lived and found the same stroller for almost double the price I paid for it. Im glad I bought it online. It was fast and easy and it arrived right to my door in ample time. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking for a well crafted pet stroller for a resaonable price.

Excellent: My little doggie loved her stroller so much we had to buy her a 2nd one! We love your products and will do business with again!

Excellent: The stroller is great! (Happy Trails pink) my cat is still a bit wary of it, but she likes the fuzzy mat that comes with it, so shes been sleeping on it on the floor while I air out the stroller (vinyl smell) in the livingroom. Happily, the stroller is not too heavy (the whole reason I got it is to ease the strain on my back when I carry my cat 6 city blocks to the vet) and I think, even with my cat in it, it shouldnt be too heavy to carry up and down the stairs to get to the street. I suspect well make quite a picture walking down the street--but Im sure shell enjoy the trip far more than bouncing for 15 minutes against my hip in the shoulder-strap cat carrier we currently have (I know my back will be MUCH happier for it!). Thank you so much for getting it here in time for our next vet appointment! (And the pink color is SUPER cute--thank you for offering it for a lower price than any other merchant I found online).

Excellent: great easy and fast thank you

Excellent: shipping was fast, nice product

Excellent: (No comment)

Excellent: I LOVE the stroller! Theirs was the lowest price I found...the person who told me about the stroller paid $10 more on Ebay for it.

Excellent: Could not have been a better transaction.

Good: (No comment)

Excellent: (No comment)

Excellent: (No comment)

Excellent: Very pleased with the overall transaction.

Excellent: The Happy Trails Pet Stroller was great. My puppy loves it too! It is very easy to fold up. It is better than I would have expected. The customer service with this company is the best.

Excellent: I love this stroller! It seems to be very sturdy, and it wasnt all that hard to put together even for me. The directions were a little unclear and the picture on the directions wasnt that great, but it was easy enough to figure out. The strollers plastic or whatever the material is has a strong plasticky smell, but Im hoping that goes away and its just because its new. I love having my little dog in there, and he can see out in all directions. He can go shopping with me and go almost anywhere. He and I love it!

Excellent: I purchased one for my self and loved it. A month later we purchased another one for my mother. She is 83 years old and loves taking her puppy out for a walk, which helps her as it gives her something to hang on to when she goes for a walk.

Excellent: The best price available on this article. Im very pleased

Excellent: Excellent service and quick delivery

Excellent: The stroller was well described, even with videos to show how it folds, so I felt well informed enough to buy over the web. It was priced fabulously, even sent with no shipping charge, I got it in 3 or 4 days, speedily. I am very, very happy with this experience.

Excellent: This merchant was wonderful. Best price and very quick service!

Excellent: The stroller arrived on the day they said it would and my cat loves strolling! This is the second one I purchased because the first one got ruined by a neighbor allowing her dog to continually urinate on it. My cat would not get into the stroller after the dog urinated on it and at the time I didnt know that it was being urinated on until I caught the girl standing there and the stroller was soaked! Before that, my cat, Giuseppe would run so fast to get in the stroller that it would slide across the floor. He would come out and ask to go strolling only to hear not until the new one arrives. He stopped asking after awhile. Now the stroller has been replaced yet a little too chilly to take him out. He is not allowed out on his own as he would get away, he ran away from an unloving home to mine to begin with a few years ago, so with his stroller, he can go outside anytime he wants and loves going around the neighborhood with my sisters dog! He thinks hes really cool! Thanks to however invented the stroller, my babies can enjoy the fresh air.

Excellent: One of the few sites that had sturdy pet strollers. Their prices were comparable to other sites. Shipping was included in the price. Their return policy seemed to be clear where some of the other sites return policy seemed a little murky. Stroller was delivered as stated. The product was what I had hoped for. Prior to the purchase I sent an email of about 10 questions. All questions were adequately answered.

For those not counting, that's 21 ratings--20 "excellent" and 1 "good." Our small family-run business strives hard to earn your trust, your recommendations, and your good ratings. Thank you to everyone who purchased from and who completed the Yahoo rating request!

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